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Shattered Dreams


There Be Dungeons Here...

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Posted 07 June 2024 - 02:11 PM

Work on the primary 8 dungeons is now done!
Next up will be caves and houses.
Here's the maps for your perusal.

On the left is the Ikana Garrison and the right is the Blighted Garden.
The Ikana Garrison has a series of puzzles where you have to carry light beams from one room to another to do things.
In the Blighted Garden, you will encounter a number of paths with multiple lock blocks and chests.

Next we have Leviathan Loch and the Pirate's Cove.
In the first, you will have to change the direction of the water flow to reach specific areas.
In the other, you must set off numerous cannon to destroy obstacles.

After that are the Molten Gorge and Glistening Cathedral.
In the first you must carry things to throw them into the volcanoes to reach the switches to access the final part of the dungeon.
In the second, you must go up and down floors solving puzzles and drop blocks to lower floors.

Finally we have the Chamber of the Sages and the Spectacle of Seasons.
The first is a sky dungeon with a lot of hookshot shenanigans and 4 pillars you have to destroy.
The second shifts between two different seasons.
This changes water to ice, leaves to pits and trees to withered logs.

Hopefully I will be able to continue making progress at this rate and finish the quest quickly!
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