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The Terror of Necromancy


Update 23 (1/5/2024)

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Posted 05 January 2024 - 01:10 AM

Been quite some time, but dev has still been coming slowly. Currently got a layout and suspected flow for level 5 (yes level 4 and 5 are coming out in demo 5) just need to playtest it myself to see if it flows well. The mechanics are well established and once I solidify a good flow the dungeon will likely see a lot of touchups. I tend to not do many touchups until I know the layout is ready since I dont want to do something super fancy only to have to move / scrap it. Unfortunately there has been 0 feedback on demo 4 so no updates on that content. I have no idea when this demo will release as there is still a TON that would have to be completed.

Life has also been making everything I enjoy doing harder (had many ups and downs). Now I dont want to delve into that since yall just want game updates but I figured I would mention it so that yall know it isnt just laziness. I still very much enjoy this project and where it is headed, I want to race through things just so I can get to more story stuff. Not saying I am going to have lower quality, just making the story is really driving me to finish dungeons so I can do cutscenes, major story events, and most importantly scripted sequences that immerse the player into the story

I have said I want this quest to be a not too heavily driven by story, or at least be more driven by what made the original so good. Just letting the player run around and do their thing. But my story here will be prevalent, so instead of a hand holdy quest, this will be a do your own thing with occasional events that remind you that hey, there is a story and here is your motivation!

ZC has also seen HUGE changes, changes that I have adapted to! ToN is officially being developed on the ZQuest Classic pre release version 3.0.0! Why does that matter? Because like the whole lifetime of this quest, it is still being developed on the bleeding edge of ZQC! This will make it much easier for any bug fixes I need or feature requests I may have to become feasible, if not directly integrated into the engine (I will brag for a moment that ToN is responsible for many major obscure and less obscure engine bug fixes as well as engine features being added... thanks Emily!). This is also a huge benefit because whenever this quest sees a final release, it will be released in whatever the latest stable version of ZQC which for players, will be less scary that things will spontaneously break!

This was a lengthy update which I felt is deserved since there has been a lengthy delay. But all in all, despite life roadblocks, ToN is still a high passion project! It is never out of my mind and I will continue to chug on it! Thanks to everyone who is invested in this quest and seeks a release!

FYI if you really want to help support this quest's development, play the demos! Provide feedback! That is the best way to get me to come back and respark ambition in slower moments! You find bugs or have ideas, that motivates me to fix / implement it, then I figure "oh while I am here... lets write a scripted sequence, a dungeon, or a boss!
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