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James Quest: Sidestory


Demo Status 5/30/2023

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Posted 30 May 2023 - 04:21 PM

Well, we got a few issues to fix. Emergency Patch/Day 1 Patch took care of the worst of the worst, including the Spacebar Map ignorance and Sword A/B problems.

Next problems aren't going to be so easy to fix, might take a bit plus testing.

The general feedback is the time played per session ratio is too long, like Mario Galaxy. So we have to lower that. More save points and escape points need to be added to dungeons. Also, some of the early raid battles might be toned down to get less rounds.

There will be two patches coming up:

1. Will be the reduction in raid rounds and save/escape points, plus the Yellow Wizzrobe nerf.
2. Later on, we will be reconstructing raid battles better using scripts, but first we probably got to upgrade the nightly for both dev and playing. This could be a bit.

After these bugs are fixed, I will most likely be looking for a 8-directional baseline tester, since P-Tux as of now has other things he is doing.

I will keep you informed.

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