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Three Crests


progress update 8/2/23

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#1 Taco Chopper

Taco Chopper

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Posted 08 February 2023 - 08:28 AM

it's been a while, but three crests is still coming together. i wish i could be more detailed but a lot of it is just scripting, which is kind of boring.

on the other hand, levels 1 AND 2 are coming along nicely. here's a room from level 2, as well as the boss battle. it's moosh's monarch ascendant script with custom ether sprites!

Posted Image Posted Image

some level 1 screens. interpret the oracle/GB references however you wish.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

the mini-dungeon formerly known as rotted stump has started being reworked into what i've called "greatwood cathedral". compared to the previous two mini-dungeon reworks, i want this one to be more puzzle focused. note to self, get someone to fix that colour cube script (it is broken)

Posted Image Posted Image

and a slight quality of life improvement, and a nerf of sorts. the subscreen has had some items and equipment reshuffled.

Posted Image

when i first implemented moosh's seed shooter/satchel script, the ember seeds weren't triggering burn flags at all. unsure as to why, i carried on with the quest without ember seeds being included in the two demos. i was messing around with the two unused seeds (ember and scent) the other day; upon realising that burn flags were being triggered by the seeds finally, i put them back into the main quest.
this was an easy decision to make, as the lantern weapon was overpowered, acting as an AoE with no drawbacks - i don't and won't have magic/stamina/etc in this quest. by capping the uses to at most 20 at a time, i hope this encourages the player to be less reliant on fire.

this also means the lantern becomes its own piece of equipment as well; it technically fell under both items and equipment courtesy of dummy item bundles. now, it's its own standalone item - it'll still be acquired from a shop like the demos, but the seeds will be acquired automatically from - oh, go play the demo already

finally, the red potion is now "equipment" too - no longer will you have to worry about accidentally pressing A or B and using up your potions! it now works like the GB potions, where it heals you upon your health reaching 0.
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#2 Hergiswi


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Posted 09 February 2023 - 03:44 PM

this looks really awesome ngl, it gives off the exact vibe that makes me nostalgic for the oracles games and makes me replay them from time to time

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#3 jwex001



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Posted 09 February 2023 - 06:57 PM

I agree with Hergiswi Taco Chopper, the progress above looks amazing, and I love some of the updates to the equipment/item layout and designations.  Can't wait for the next beta you need tested so I can help you out even more.  Keep up the awesome work!

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