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Step by Step...

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Posted 12 May 2022 - 06:27 PM

Hi there,

sorry, that I don´t write for so long. :(

But with my old dog, was the highest and important thing, what has need so long time - I have lost him, for two weeks.

The Idea, for a hard version, is canceled! But -> there are other plans to do, with this quest. And this need realy time (realy big balance test etc. step by step with all new changing) ^^

When I find step by step time to work a bit, there are few things, what I change.

I have begun last year, with the first steps for it. I come to the point a bit after Level 2 Triforce Dungeon.

Lordkronos has played a bit of it and make a Video too.

There you can check, a bit from the beginning, what is changed allready.


Its not so many and there is a bug at the end (isnt changed yet) but, who has played this version + see the new version, can see, that are changed a few things on the beginning. :)

When I have more done etc. then it comes a second part video, where LordKronos played further.

When it comes for the next big patch etc. I realy cant say. First it should be done fast, but the other problems has send me back so many times, that I dosn´t work further all the time. Not only this, all project, where I have worked, wasnt build further.

Hope I can make it to an end, that we can work on one other quest or we tell you then all the details for the next quest.
When I tell all the ideas for one other quest, then I hope one or more find it so good, that it comes to a realy good quest too then. :)

So, this is all, what I can tell you for now. Have fun with the 30 min part of the first changing step for the quest.

See ya,


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