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Melody of the Demon King (Progress Report)

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Posted 15 September 2021 - 10:41 AM

Hey guys, it has been a few weeks since I announced that I was going to get back to work on a project, specifically on the quest, Melody of the Demon King. I gave a brief overview of the story in my last update, so this is going to be a report on the progress I have made so far.

Between now and my first announcement, my fiancé and I moved from the other side of this duplex with my mother-in-law into our own side of the duplex. We have been working hard over the past week to get everything in apartment in order, and finally, after finishing the move, we have gotten our cats back over here and I can slowly work on this quest between my college assignments.

That said, I have completed a dungeon in the past few weeks, except that I have to go back and add bosses and fix the background for Moosh's Dialogue Branch script.

Today, I have decided to give you a little teaser of my next dungeon, which I am calling strongholds for reasons which will be apparently later on, and which I am already working on.

Flame Stronghold: Elder Ring

The Flame Stronghold, Elder Ring is the stronghold of the Gorons, basically making it Goron City. Built by the Gorons some time ago as a defense against the Demon King and his minions, the Flame Medallion lies at the peak of the Eldin Volcano, which the stronghold was built around.

At some point in the quest, you will come to a point where one specific item allows you to enter the last X number of strongholds, and Elder Ring is in that last collection of strongholds, so it essentially could be your final dungeon before the finale.

Elder Ring is a four story, 70ish room dungeon with a central volcano and mine carts. You enter from the top, and will need super bombs to blow up specific portions of the stronghold, so that you can redirect lava flow and descend the volcano. Be careful though, because every time you die, you will lose your super bombs, and have to trek all the way back to the super bomb locations to try again. All the while, you will also be dealing with mine cart tracks, which could certainly help you along your journey to deliver these super bombs to their special locations. Do note: You may only carry ONE super bomb at a time. And completion of the dungeon will grant you access to a super bomb shop.

This is just one of the unique gimmicks you will experience in this quest.

Fun Tidbit of Info to go along with this:

The Lynels and Gorons have a rivalry in this quest, which also makes this a bit of a personal competition.

Look forward to Elder Ring in the future, when Melody of the Demon King is completed in the future. I would like to finish this around late 2021/early 2022, but I do not want to rush it and make a subpar quest. Especially since is going to also have a very deep overworld.
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