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Moosh's Criticism, moving to a more visible forum

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Posted 07 September 2021 - 08:38 PM

1. The bomb pickup string always replaying after death is rather annoying. If possible it should only play once, if not, maybe bombs don't need a string.
2. The music resetting on picking up item cellar items and passing through passageways seems odd. The quest has a lot more modern features and isn't being made for a Zelda 1 quest contest anymore, so I question the purpose of that rule being on.
3. While I believe most of the dungeon entrances have been hinted at so far, I was not able to decipher the hints prior to finding them and the cost of those hints was prohibitively expensive. The one pointing to level 4 in particular seemed rather vague if it's the one I'm thinking of (referred to trees and a whistle leading to something?)
4.  I would appreciate the ability to swap items with L/R and Ex buttons. I believe 2.55 can do this but if not I can supply a script easily enough.
5. The wallet upgrade looking like a rupee almost tricked me into walking past it. I'd just make it a wallet.
6. I got hit by the pols voice south of the QW Moldorm in Level 6 without seeing it coming because of an odd spawn. IDK if this is actually unfair or not but definitely keep an eye on stuff like this..

7.  The blue moblin summoning wizzrobe was somewhat of a chump. I'd recommend giving him a bit more HP, maybe one or two teleports worth of hits..

8.  I was not fond of the entrance to level 7. I don't think any amount of hinting will make this one apparent and I recommend marking it. 

9.  The magic book has friendly fire, which is inconsistent with the candle's behavior. 

10. Overall I think the rupee economy could use some tweaks. The level entrance hints are very expensive for how absolutely necessary they are to find dungeons, and I had to grind for the money or life room at the start of level 6, though that second part was my fault.

11. Level 9's palette is bugged to where the health bar doesn't show Link's HP properly.
12. I wasn't a big fan of the 999 rupee toll for the magic boomerang.

My responses in kind:


1.  This is definitely a bug.  I need to check this with Emily/help forums and figure out how to fix this.

2.  Update:  This is officially out.  This will work like normal quests, not the Unofficial 6th Quest Contest.  9/9/2021, Nightmare.

3.  Check Discord.  I have updated you on this.

4.  Understood.  I'll look into this.  UPDATE 9/9/2021:  This needs to be tested in full.

5.  Hrmmmmmmm.    I do like this sprite.  I'll see how other people react/respond to it.  Not the first complaint.

6.  I really did a good job of stamping this kind of stuff out of ZNR and Downfall, but alas.  I'll have to watch the replay of others and see if it continues.

7.  This is one I kinda disagree with you.  I think you just got a good jump on it and had a good play on it.

8.  Spriters?  We might need to talk about this.a bit.  I'd be up for improving 7 and 8's entrances.

9.  Bug.  Need to look into this.

10.  ZNR 2.0 patch needed?  Little unsure, keep an eye on it.

11.  i'm really sorry about that, no excuse for that one.  I should have caught that.  Hope the fixed beta helps.

12.  My former dev and I were talking about scripting the four Golden Treasures, but that obviously fell through.  I will need a new scripter to finish that if that were to be changed.  Good heads up though.



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