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The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Epilogue


NEW ITEM: Fire, Frost, and Steel Arrows

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Posted 06 June 2020 - 12:48 AM

Early on in his quest, Link will be able to find a basic Bow and Arrow, both hidden within the Emerald Passage. This simple yet iconic pair have the potential to be a extremely useful tool to Link as he hunts the 12 God Keys hidden throughout the Abandoned Lands in order to unlock the entrance to Ganon's tower. However, as great as the basic Bow and Arrow may be, Link will eventually need to upgrade. The Long Bow is the first upgrade, a simple improvement to the basic Bow which can fire faster. The real interesting upgrades, however, are to the Arrows in Link's quiver. Hidden within the world, Link can find three different types of Arrow to use alongside his basic wooden ones.

A replacement for the Wooden Arrows, these metal tipped arrows deal double the damage of normal arrows. Plus, they can also penetrate enemies allowing you to get multiple kills with one arrow if you can line up your shots right. Another perk of the Steel Arrows is their ability to slice through blocks of ice, destroying all but the bottom layer which is now free to walk on, allowing you to make bridges over ice rivers and more.

These magical arrows have been imbued with the power of ice. The arrows themselves deal no damage, but are guaranteed to stun almost any enemy. Similar to the Steel Arrows, the Frost Arrows can pierce through enemies, and as an added bonus, these arrows leave behind a damaging trail of sparkles. Finally, thanks to their magical ice enchantments, these arrows emit a constant aura of cold air around them. This ability allows them to freeze any water that they fly across, creating tall blocks of ice that can stop projectiles and enemies in their paths.

This fiery weapon is unlike any other type of arrow. First and foremost, these arrows deal a hefty amount of fire damage to enemies, but as a drawback cannot pierce through them or drop damaging sparkles. However, These Arrows can pick up certain keys and items, as well trigger combos that require fire, such as torches, burnable bushes, and more. As great as these arrows are, don't think they will be replacing your Candle. The Fire Arrows cannot light up dark rooms on their own, and are unable to spawn a lasting flame like the candle can. Still, the Fire Arrows have other tricks up their sleeves. Firing these arrows over certain combos of ice will cause the ice to melt into water from the extreme heat. This melting ability can be used to get rid of walls of ice or even melt the armor off of some foes.
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