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Update 3

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 09:22 PM

Here's a new update i will asks you.

First: I did include certain scripts that doesn't yet include in the detabase from her (Warning: i did not made those scripts)
And like the previous quest you have a possibly to steal an item (In the original version you steal the magic book for the wand's effects and in the remastered version you steal 100 rupees.). Alot dungeons are fully scripted and somes boss are modify for some reasons. The Deku Leaf for exemple is a good item for the Sky Tower but glitch if Link fails in the pits or drown in the lava caused a continuation of damages. Also the whirlwind projective doesn't active some switch (ever if you made the Strike Trigger) so somes things in the quest will have to be edits before i continues to build the Sky Tower and the Water Temple.)
Yes i'll include more scripts so my quest will takes more time then my previous quests. The quest will probably comes out in the end of 2017 or somewhere in 2018.
The Time Temple will be include too but only in the final update.

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