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Main Story And Misc Overworld Details

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Posted 02 January 2017 - 11:24 AM

Today, i'm just going to talk about the game's Story.
*First Half copied from description cuz' i'm lazy, lol*

Link and Ganon's battle ended in a draw.
The Hero sacrificed his own life to seal Ganondorf and save Hyrule.
Years later, Ganon Returned to finish what he had started.
With no Hero Of Time to stand up to him, things were looking bleak for Hyrule.
A Fairy, who upon losing her friend, and with no care for her own life, Became 1 with the Blade Of Evil's Bane, which also housed the Soul Of The Hero, and with the combined might of the Hero, Blade and Fairy, drove Ganon into the Shadow Realm.
But Even more years later, a fairy who went by the name of Ivan, gathered forces and attacked Hyrule, as he thought it was The Hylian people, who stole from him his Sister.
But the people triumphed over his seige.
But the land had turned barren, unfit to live in, over the years that had passed, with so many calamities befalling the land.
So they set sail, searching for a new land to call home.
And at last... They found one.

The people settled in this land, naming it New Hyrule, after the land from which they came.
They prospered.
Over the years, this Land grew, and grew into a Powerful land.
Becoming friends with a neighboring land, things seemed like nothing could possibly go wrong.
But 500 years later, the land is at war with the kingdom that once was their friend.
Western Hyrule is also in a state of decay.
For now, it would seem that the only safe havens are down south, in Forest, Mountain, Lake and sea.
In this region of Hyrule, people go about their daily lives, without caring, about the war above.
In the village of Isol, a boy named Link, lives with is Mother, often going on all sorts of escapades with his best friend, Mark.
But 1 day, Link's life would be changed forever...

The 3 videos on my youtube channel of the beginning of the game are Outdated.
And just a few facts about the Overworld.
The Main Overworld will not be going for size, but freedom about where you want to go.
As soon as you get to Hyrule Field, (The Overworld) You'll be free to enter any screen on that map.
But the different Regions of Hyrule (Death Mountain, Lost Woods) will not be going for that gameplay style.
They are going for size, but the first time you enter them, they will have a sort of linearity about them.
Fun Fact: Combined size of all Regions will dwarf the Overworlds. (Yes, more than 1 overworld! :P)
That's all for this Update. See you later!

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