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Screenshot of the Week 60

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Which pic?

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#1 Praethus


    Lord of the Darkness

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 11:42 PM

The pictures are temporarily being hosted by Angelfire. I will fix this as soon as possible, so if you can't see them, just wait.

And the nominees are...

user posted image
Bah, rip-bug!

user posted image
This shot is from Ash Cavern in TFP. I've submitted it so that I could get some advice on the lava corners. If you have any, please reply with it in your post.

user posted image
[i]Zelda order's Link to see what's in the rotting log.

user posted image
Horace prepares to fight for his life...against 3 Octorocks..

user posted image
Link hopes that hiding in the shadows will help him avoid fighting the Moblin. I doubt it.

user posted image
Link tries to take a stab at a Keese

user posted image
Our newest recruit goes out for a brief flight before his first mission.

#2 Jaivaz


    God of Death

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Posted 14 July 2004 - 12:00 AM

PolygonX8:Very...hot...still, very good.

Nick:Looks nice, but a little bland at the top with the lava..try adding some little "islands."

Ian:lol..knowing Link's luck there is a swarm of Octorocks in there.

Jaivaz:Funny cause the same day this is posted, is the same day I make the trees and sprite look better...ah well.

LinktheMaster:VERY nice, good little custom set.


BH4:VERY nice, yet a bit bland, as it is a "cutscene."
I voted for LinkTheMaster.

#3 Ielen



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Posted 14 July 2004 - 12:04 AM

PolygonX's screen looks the best icon_smile.gif
Codelinker's screen is well drawn.
The other screens are nice too.

Edited by Ielen, 14 July 2004 - 12:24 AM.

#4 Neppy


    Grand Overlord Empress

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Posted 14 July 2004 - 12:46 AM

PolygonX8-Great shot Polygon. I love the hot firey look that you gave this. You have made some fine tiles also.

Nick-It's a good screen, but maybe you could add a small island out in the middle of the lava. The edges of the lava... Maybe you could make it glow.

IaN-Great looking screen. I enjoy the tiles you use. I like the log tunnel to the left side instead of the usual top. This is a very funny screen.

Jaivaz-Good looking screen, but I'm wondering where the small waves or ripples are in the water. Add some and that's help make it even better.

LinktheMaster-Great looking screen LTM, I love this shot. Nice use of tiles, and I love the setup of this screen. Great work. *votes*

codelinker-Great screen code. I love the beams and track thing that is happening. Very good setup. This ties Polygons for second.

BH4-Cool, a spcae screen. This looks like it took a bit of time to make. Great work BH4.

#5 HydraPheetz



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Posted 14 July 2004 - 01:13 AM

IaN: You get teh award for bestest shot. icon_w00t.gif icon_razz.gif

PolygonX8: Hmmm... looks hot up in here. icon_lol.gif

BH4: OMGAH! That looks awesome. icon_wow.gificon_omg.gif

Codelinker: nice cave shot. :thumbs up:

LTM: good tiles. icon_biggrin.gif:thumbsup:

Javiaz: I like the trees and the sprites. Good job. icon_bounce.gif

Nick: Lava edges.. nice. icon_smile.gif

#6 Rambly


    save your grace

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Posted 14 July 2004 - 01:41 AM

PolygonX8: Excellent. It actually feels.. hot to me. Kinda hard to describe. icon_heh.gif Anywho, nice shot. Those Metroid-y bubble things on the walls (hard to describe) are nice, and stuff. Plus, I like the transparency effects.

Nick: It's good, but the only problem I have is the lack of rocks or little islands and stuff in the lava. Perhaps you could add some stuff there. :\ Otherwise, interesting looking area... the edges of the lava are okay. btw, the map and stuff at the top of the screen is nice. icon_smile.gif

IaN: Heh, I like the subliminal messages in the shot, but it's too bad I already gave my vote to someone else. icon_lol.gif It's a good shot, and the line in the shot is funny.. icon_razz.gif I'm wondering why there are rupees scattered around, though it's still a nice shot. icon_razz.gif Plus, I like the custom sword and shield.

Jaivaz: Okay, I guess.. but the trees look funny to me.. but you said you were improving them, at least. Add some flowers, and ripples or waves in the water.. that'd help make it better. icon_smile.gif

LTM: Excellent... this shot has some nice custom tiles, and a very nice layout. Very good. icon_biggrin.gif

codelinker: Great shot. I like this shot.. because there are few mines in ZC, so it's good. Also, the modification of the LttP cave tiles is great, too. The wooden beams look great. Great shot.

BH4: VERY interesting screen. I'm amazed by this one.. it's a very interesting and cool shot, even if it is a cutscene (and if it isn't.. icon_odd.gif). I gotta like the detail put into the edges of the ship. icon_thumbsup.gif

Now as for which got my vote.. I think I'll vote for LTM. icon_smile.gif

#7 Breadguy



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Posted 14 July 2004 - 05:34 AM

Well, I null voted, since I entered. Mainly because this was a tough week, as I expected to be. Anyways.. I like all of the shots. icon_biggrin.gif You guys did a good job, keep it up. LTM, good job, on fixing up your mountains. They look alot better.. Poly, I love your screen, looks good.. Keep it up, guy. icon_thumbsup.gif Also I would like to say Jaivaz, could of put more activity into it. Kinda boring for me. Also. IaN great screen. I think I commented on it before.. Anyways.. if I didn't get to ya, you know I like your screen. Anyways.. I'm out. icon_razz.gif

#8 LinktheMaster


    Hey Listen, Kid

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Posted 14 July 2004 - 08:02 AM

PolygonX8: Very nice use of the tiles, as usual. And very goo tiles too. icon_smile.gif
Nick: Wow, like the lava borders. It goes very well with the cave tiles too. icon_wink.gif
Ian: I'm curious what the rupees are for. But, nice use of the portraits, and the screen looks very nice as well. icon_wink.gif
Jaivaz: You can PM Praethus with an update. Well, he might not like that, but I did it. icon_sweat.gif Anyway, you might want to put some grass tiles on the upper part. Grass can make a screen look 3-4x as good IMO.
LinktheMaster: Wow, I might stand a chance of winning. icon_smile.gif
codelinker: Very nice, but, now that I see it again, it could stand having a bit more color. The complete browness is kind of monotonous. icon_blind.gif
BH4: I really like this. I mean, it really looks good. I love the nice small touches of space, such as the nubulas, and the stars.

***Null Votes***

#9 Teilyr


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Posted 14 July 2004 - 08:13 AM

Polygon: Nice screen.. No comments otherwise.

Nick: Well, those lava edges are nice. However, the edges should be rounded, as the other cave tiles are.
Do that, and I'll give it a icon_thumbsup.gif.

Ian: Humorous. I'm also quite curious about what the excess rupees are for... The item borders are VERY nice.

Jaivaz: Eh... It's a good screen in form, but it's just WAY too empty. Add in some tall grass, trees, or bushes into that large chunk of flatness. Better yet, maybe you'd like to use CoD's grass? It has stuff that keeps it from being all green.

LTM: Quite a nice shot here, man. The mountains are great, the layout is great, heck.. even the funky looking trees are great.

Codelinker: Eh... I dunno. Something about this screen in general just doesn't feel right to me.. I wish I could say something more specific but, it would seem that I just don't like it. icon_shrug.gif

BH4: Ooh. Non Zelda'ish. Nice tiles you got goin' here.

LTM gets my vote.

#10 ShadowTiger


    The Doctor Is In

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Posted 14 July 2004 - 08:26 AM

BH4: I really like this. I mean, it really looks good. I love the nice small touches of space, such as the nubulas, and the stars.
OMG, n00bulas. (Sorry, it just made me crack up. icon_lol.gif )

Yeah, at this moment, I'm not sure what it is. I just had to get it out in the open. icon_blink.gif I think it'll be one of those starfox-style cutscenes, where they zoom out to the full view of inside your ship, so you're not surprised when you recieve a transmission. Eh, it works. icon_shrug.gif

I'll vote for LTM, simply because he's trying to darn hard. I've actually seen ALL of these shots already, believe it or not.

#11 link3505



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Posted 14 July 2004 - 02:53 PM

I voted for codelinker. his shot has the most going on

funny, since I made those tiles icon_razz.gif

#12 Aegis Runestone

Aegis Runestone

    Cecil Harvey - Paladin

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Posted 14 July 2004 - 03:06 PM

:O I have to say Zelda in IaN's shot is so super-kawaii! ^_^ So I'm going to vote for that one.

BH4: Is that Wing Commander? :o Thatgame brings back a lot of memories.

#13 HappyPuppet



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Posted 14 July 2004 - 06:44 PM

Wow, 7 great shots this week. Polygon won my vote.

Since Nick wanted critique for those tiles... All I have to say is that at those corners, it's a right angle, I think it would look much better if you rounded it off a bit. icon_wink.gif

#14 link3505



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Posted 14 July 2004 - 09:00 PM

I just noticed something...

Ian, your shield looks suspiciously like my Magic Shield from ST. I mean, it's VERY similar...

Edited by link3505, 14 July 2004 - 09:00 PM.

#15 plith


    I've been thinking.

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Posted 14 July 2004 - 09:20 PM

I liked PolygonX8's best.
LTM's, I had a problem with the trees and the bushes. The trees because they look like stacks of green rubber tires, each slightly smaller than the one below it. The bushes because they look like the sort of spikes you would see in a dungeon somewhere.
BH4's seemed mostly like a direct rip of an individual screen, and I don't tend to vote for such things. Plus, it's just a little barren (I know, I know, It's OUTER SPACE and all that. Doesn't make it any less barren).
I've never really liked the Pure lava tiles all that much (although the Descendant lava tiles are nothing to write home to mother about either). I really can't offer any suggestions because I'm not a big fan of lava in general.

Not counting PX8's Norfair-ish area. Maybe that's how I'd do it. Without walls.

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