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Screenshot of the Week 84

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Poll: Pick your favorite screenshot. (48 member(s) have cast votes)

Pick your favorite screenshot.

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#1 PrinceMSC


    Remember the Name

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  • Real Name:Michael
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  • Location:Oklahoma

Posted 27 March 2005 - 01:00 PM

user posted image

user posted image
Dang it! I locked the keys in... again!

user posted image
Just me having fun with the tile editor. icon_smile.gif

user posted image
All right, whose bright idea was it to put a hedge maze in the middle of a perfectly good forest?

This will end Saturday morning like normal once again.

icon_king.gif PrinceMSC icon_king.gif

#2 LinktheMaster


    Hey Listen, Kid

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  • Real Name:Matt
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Posted 27 March 2005 - 01:24 PM

Drari: The shot's pretty cool. The lighting is a bit straight down though, so that makes it look a bit odd.

lord_jamitossi: The bottom half is good, but the top half is a bit undetailed. You need to put something else there, be it rocks or a different type of dirt... just something.

Radien: Fairly good, and those items are awesome. icon_wink.gif

Null voted.

#3 Exate



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  • Real Name:Ian
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Posted 27 March 2005 - 01:42 PM

Radien wins for excellent design, extreme greens, and cool items in the display above. icon_thumbsup.gif

#4 /M/



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Posted 27 March 2005 - 02:37 PM

(Offtopic:)Nice Avatar PrinceMSC! icon_thumbsup.gif

Drari: Great shot. Would have been better with more stuff on it.

LinktheMaster: I like this shot alot. Would have been my second vote. icon_thumbsup.gif

lord_jamitossi: Great tiles, just the palletes are too dark..

Radien: Awesome shot. Just perfect. icon_biggrin.gif icon_thumbsup.gif


#5 link3505



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  • Real Name:Ben
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Posted 27 March 2005 - 02:51 PM

Radien's got this one in the bag... easily. everything in his screenshot just works. Drari's is pretty good too, but it dosen't seem dark enough for a Ganon take over, you know?

#6 Hero_of_Hyrule



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  • Real Name:Aaron
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  • Location:Seattle, WA

Posted 27 March 2005 - 05:14 PM

Drari : The lightning looks cool, but it still could've used more. Also, I think the ripples in the water under the lightning bolts look too weird with the big space between them.

LinktheMaster: My second favorite shot this week. Looks great, but not enough to beat Radien.

lord_jamitossi: The ground and trees look good, but the mountains and the house are just too bland looking.

Radien: This is by far my favorite shot here. It looks just awesome! icon_thumbsup.gif *Votes*

#7 Reflectionist



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  • Real Name:Jake
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  • Location:Missouri, US

Posted 27 March 2005 - 05:38 PM

I just want to say that I cried like a baby when I saw Radien's shot.

#8 Redmage777



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Posted 27 March 2005 - 05:56 PM

Drari - Nice Ligthning, but it could use more deatail on the Impact... Otherwise I see nothing outstanding about the enviroment its self...

LinktheMaster- The wall detail is really nicely Textured, However It seemed to lack that unknowen "Thing" it needed to win my vote.

lord_jamitossi- Give the Mountains some more detail, and the House would look very nice if it was given some siding... Oh, the Tree trunks need better shading... With some further editing of the Tiles, the would have one my vote...

Raiden- Nothing outstandigly good or bad, but yours seemed to be the most polished of the four... So it wins my vote.

<Edit>Sorry... lord_jamitossi, For some reason I thoght Shoelace did that one, Too bad about the color loss the new one looks grea!.

Edited by Redmage777, 27 March 2005 - 09:21 PM.

#9 lord_jamitossi



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Posted 27 March 2005 - 08:43 PM


My shot was WAY better than that... Stupid loss of colour...

One sec, I'll link to the real one...

user posted image

Can we get that fixed up there... It looks awful... icon_frown.gif

Edited by lord_jamitossi, 29 March 2005 - 11:19 AM.

#10 lasersquirrel


    Sparkly Glimpse of Hope

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Posted 27 March 2005 - 09:45 PM

I voted for Radien, because I think that it was very well done. icon_thumbsup.gif Just looking at that maze is kind of confusing. icon_wacky.gif
Second would be lord_jamitossi, because I like it when people make custom tiles. icon_biggrin.gif

#11 Zenith


    Old Guard

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Posted 28 March 2005 - 12:51 AM

Radien, you did it AGAIN. Don't know how, but you did it again. You are AMAZING at tile editing.

Methinks it's gonna be another one of those blowout weeks. icon_sweat.gif

Oh and Radien, what is that thing in the B slot?

Edited by zmaster, 28 March 2005 - 12:54 AM.

#12 Radien



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  • Real Name:Steve
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Posted 28 March 2005 - 05:44 AM

Wow... I didn't expect THIS shot to get so many votes. icon_eek.gif Thanks everybody. icon_smile.gif


The B item is a special type of boomerang. icon_wink.gif

Oh, and the sword is a heavily shrunk version of something from Tales of Phantasia, colors notwithstanding.

I'll post my commentary on the other shots tomorrow. There were no bad shots this time around; everybody did a nice job. icon_thumbsup.gif

#13 Radien



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  • Real Name:Steve
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Oregon

Posted 29 March 2005 - 06:23 PM

Hmm, was it something I said? The conversation just sorta died. Well, I guess I'll take advantage of the 24-hour rule and double-post to make comments.


That's a very original screen you've got there. icon_smile.gif Hmm, why is the ship so far right? If you moved it further left, it'd be easier to see Link. Also I'm not sure whether splitting the ripple tiles at the point lightning hits them quite works...

Everything else is great. You might want to try a different palette, though. All this seems to be happening in broad daylight. Why not darken it? If you added a screen flash as well, it would look very cool.


A solid shot all around. There really isn't much to say about this except that it's good. You might want to add towers or something else along the walls, though.


Now that this image's conversion has been "fixed," it looks quite good. The mountains seem a little... small, though. I think the crevasses may be a little too close together. If you spread them apart, but kept everything else the same, it might help them look more... um... mountainous. icon_smile.gif

Keep it up! I see you improving your artwork every day.You're turning out some pretty cool stuff nowadays.

#14 lord_jamitossi



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Posted 30 March 2005 - 08:15 AM

Seriously, is no one posting here anymore or something?

I null voted because I entered, but Radien obviously has the best shot here.

drari : The most obvious thing that I would do with this shot would be to add something where the lightning hits the water. Right now it's too obvious that that's one tile cut in half icon_biggrin.gif. Also, as Radien said, the mood is a bit too bright. Mabye add some smoke and clouds and stuff and put a bit more action in the water. Right now, there's thunderbolts hitting it but there's like, 3 waves.

LtM : Add some cracks or something to break the monotony of the wall, and this will be a really nice shot.

Radien : Awesome shot. Really, I can't think of anything to say about it, so I'll just resume it with a icon_thumbsup.gif .

#15 Shoelace


    The Shaman of Sexy!

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Posted 30 March 2005 - 05:20 PM

Here is my two cents:

Drari: The screen is good. I really like the lightning. I think it would look good in motion. However, I have to argee that the water is a little plain.

LinktheMaster: I love the castle!! I want those tiles. I am looking for castle tiles like that because I am now in the process of making the castle in my game, HoD. Anyways, if it wasn't for Radien's picture you would have got my vote.

lord_jamitossi: yes, with that color loss it did look odd. Anyways, I like the tiles that you make. You have gotten a lot better.

Radien: This screen isn't your best, however, it still had the "it" factor. The screen was good in design, it wasn't special but was still really good.

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