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ALTTP Ganon script

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Posted 18 May 2023 - 07:33 PM

Hello everyone.

I would like to make a script request for a boss or enemy that would be inspired from the ALTTP Ganon's fight.

First of all, The player would need five things:

The lit torch combo, the unlit torch combo (with the Fire Trigger flag on it), Ganon's trident tiles (or any other weapons like a scythe, or a boomerang for example), The floor tiles that disappears later, and the enemy script itself.

Now if you are familiar with Ganon's fight from ALTTP, the script would be like that one except the victory's BGM being not present, and maybe some additonnal attack to make things more difficult.

Now this is where it may getting complicated:
Usually, defeating Ganon would requires the Silver Arrow because otherwise you can't kill him, but i wish to make that function optionnal.
No matter what, the boss would remains invincible as long as the torchs remains off.

D1 would determine the strings ID when the boss's HP reach half of it health.
D2 would determine if the Dark Room (exclusively for this boss fight) will activate upon lit off the torch in the middle of the fight when all floor tiles disappears. (1 for activate it, and 0 to disable it.)
D3 would be the Eweapon used for the spinning Trident or others.
D4 would be the Eweapon for the fireball
D5 would be the EWeapon for the Firebat
D6 would determine if the Silver Arrow is required to kill the boss or not. (1 for making it required, and 0 to make it non required)
D7 would determine the torch's combos so players wouldn't be required to mess with the torch's cycles stuffs.
D10 would determine the floor tiles's combo so players wouldn't be required to mess with the floor's cycle stuffs.
D12 would determine the FFC Script of this boss.

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