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Custom Enemy Concepts & Ideas

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#1 idontknow8



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Posted 15 July 2017 - 02:07 PM

Let's start a chat about concepts, ideas, and designs for custom enemies that can be made using the enemy editor.  The only rule here is that enemies can NOT be scripted.  Other than that, have it.


My own ideas:


Death Zol:  These cause high damage when touched.  They move much faster than your typical Zol, maybe 150 as their step rate?  They still stop at every tile though, a trademark of the Zol breed.  What makes them really unique though is that if you don't kill them quickly enough, they tribble into a puddle-like phase that has a step speed of 300, which after a second or so tribbles into TWO more Death Zols.  The process can repeat indefinitely if you can't manage to kill so you could soon find yourself in a room full of these.  As for its HP, not sure but I'd say probably about 3 or 4 hits to kill with the white sword.


Fire Vire:  This enemy certainly lives up to its rhyming name in that it hops around the screen, as vires do, and spawns a ring of fire as it's doing so.  When killed, it splits into 3 red Keese.  Pretty dangerous enemies, especially in large numbers.


Shielded Goriyas:  Exactly like it sounds.  You could draw a shield sprite over the existing red/blue goriyas & make copies of each and check the "shielded from the front" box.  If you want, you can make a silver shield kind whose shield can be broken and a golden shield whose shield cannot be broken.  In fact, you could do this for a lot of walking enemies.


Poison Darknut:  A green or perhaps purple darknut that has a speed somewhere between the red & the blue's speed, does only 1 full heart of damage but when touched, causes a sword and/or item jinx.


Monshroom (and Toxic Cloud):  A monstrous mushroom!  This is a walking enemy that spawns another "enemy", the Toxic Cloud.  The Cloud is then a tribble enemy that after a period of time (maybe like 5 - 6 seconds?) then tribbles into nothing (in other words, it fades away).  The cloud doesn't deal damage but causes temporary sword/item jinx.


Vampire Darknut:  A darknut that if you don't kill too quickly, it will tribble into a keese or bat which flies around really fast and has a higher HP than your typical keese or bat.  Then the bat will tribble back into the vampire darknut.  So really it tribbles back and forth and you must kill it in either form quick enough otherwise it will tribble, thereby regaining its HP.


Skulls:  These have extremely high HP, like 99, so they take forever to kill with low-power weapons such as the sword, however, they are an insta-kill with the hammer.  So they're annoying up until you find that weapon, then they're a breeze.  They move really slow.  There are three types, each with different colored eyes:  Red:  Takes you health (does damage) Green:  Takes your magic  Yellow:  Takes your rupees

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#2 grayswandir



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Posted 15 July 2017 - 03:20 PM

Ooh, this sounds fun!

Librarian: Slow moving, no homing rate, does 1 damage, immune to everything. When you whistle in tribbles into something suitably scary.

Flame Stalker: Homes in on Link, stopping every space to do the fire breath attack. Weak to the bait. Resistant to ranged attacks, but can be easily dispatched with the sword or hammer, assuming you can get close enough.

Shieldrobe: Teleporting wizzrobe that does 0 damage and can't hurt you, but is shielded on all sides and can't be harmed, either. Have like two of these in a room ta harass you and randomly block all your ranged attacks.

Bombrobe: Summoner that summons bombs, which are basically stationary bombchus that explode on you. Have the bombs explode after a short while if you can manage that with tribble mechanics somehow.

Necromancer: Red wizzrobe that does one damage. When it dies, tribbles into a rather strong stalfos.

Dancing Darknut: Dies in one hit, shielded on all sides but one. Tribbles between which side is left unshielded.

Lazynut: Darknut with the rope movement type and 0 base speed, so the only move when they see you.
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#3 kurt91


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Posted 15 July 2017 - 04:49 PM

Some of my favorites that I've used was


A Slime boss with 1 HP. Killing it splits it into two slightly smaller Slimes, each with 1 HP. There are 7 "phases", so the player has to worry about being very careful which Slimes to kill, or else the screen is totally overrun and the player is horribly overwhelmed.


A rudimentary Metroid enemy. Rope-style movement, immunity to every weapon except the Boomerang. Once hit, "splits" into a single identical-looking enemy with no movement and immunity to every weapon except Arrows. If not killed in time, "tribbles" back into the original enemy. Obviously, it also got Like-Like "eat Link" attack behavior.


Something pretty similar to Agahnim from Link to the Past can be done, by making the illusions as separate enemies that are identical to the original except that they're immune to absolutely everything and are marked as "Doesn't Count as Beatable Enemy". Make the original immune to everything except reflected attacks, and set his attack to only reflect when struck with an actual weapon (I used the Boomerang), and it works pretty well.

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#4 idontknow8



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Posted 15 July 2017 - 05:13 PM

Necromancer: Red wizzrobe that does one damage. When it dies, tribbles into a rather strong stalfos.

I love this idea. HOWEVER, it's the only one on your list that's not possible, at least without scripting because only walking type enemies or Keese can tribble.

#5 Anthus


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Posted 15 July 2017 - 05:16 PM

Silver Lynel. Color a Lynel silver, then require it to be stunlocked to kill, and give it crazy HP, and damage outputs, then also have it fire lit Super Bombs at Link, then, on death, explode into 8 Super Bombs. It also has really fast rope style movement, high homing rate, and if it touches Link, it will hold you there, and "eat" you by taking health.

#6 Alucard648



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Posted 15 July 2017 - 07:10 PM

Wind Knight. A blue version of Death Knight that shoots whirlwinds instead of sword beams.


Mirror Aquamentus. A silverish looking aquamentus. Can only be killed by reflecting his fireballs back.


Mirror LikeLike. Rope-styled movement and can eat Small & Mirror shields


Killer Cuccoo. Walks around like a normal Cuccoo, but as soon as it notice you, the monster triggers infamous Cuccoo retribution swarm sequence.


Kartipede. An oversized antlion. Don`t step into sand pits it creates, or it`s a one way ticket to dungeon entrance!


Cursed Armos. An ordinary looking armosie. But it has frontal shield and has higher HP & damage output.


Trans Dimensional LikeLike. Sends Link to Dungeon entrance on engulfing.


Nuclear Lynel. A black Lynel. If you don`t kill it in time, it flashes red and nukes the whole screen for all-ignoring 10000 hearts in damage to Link.

#7 Yloh


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Posted 17 July 2017 - 09:07 AM

Future Warrior


This is really two enemies made into one. The first enemy will have a force field drawn around the sprite. When it dies, it will split into a version of itself without the force field drawn around it. If you don't kill it on time, it will tribble back to its original self. This enemy can have any kind of weapon you want it to have. 




Think of a mirror wizzrobe, but it shoots rocks instead. You must use your boomerang to reflect its rocks back at it. 


Bubble Wizzrobe


This is really two enemies. First enemy is a bubble enemy that has the Vire movement. It will be immune to everything and tribble into nothing. The main enemy is a Wizzrobe that summons those bubble enemy in the same fashion that Bat Wizzrobes summon Bats. 




See Enemy of the Month # 26. This is two enemies with the tribble function. One walks around shooting a triple fireball shot and it will tribble into its stationary self. The stationary self will hide in its shell and is impervious to all forms of attack. It will then tribble in its walking form.


Weapons Bot


This is really like 9 - 10 enemies that cycle through each other. See Enemy of the Month # 24. Each Bot has a different color eye that represents the weapon it will use. Its only weakness is the weapon it uses. If you don't kill it on time, it will tribble into another Bot with a different weapon. 




This enemy walks around like a normal Koopa. When you kill it, it will turn into a trap enemy. Its shell will go back and fourth until Link leaves the screen. You can even take this a step further and give the Koopa wings and have it turn into the normal version when it dies.


Homing Missile Bot


Make a Robotic Enemy that acts like a Bat Wizzrobe. Have it summon enemies that act like Bombchues and change the sprite to missiles. 


Troll Face


This enemy acts like a Floating Wizzrobe that summons itself as its weapon. 


Death Mirrorobe


Imagine a Death Knight and Mirror Wizzrobe performing the fusion technique from Dragon Ball Z. It looks like an armored Wizzrobe with a shield. It moves just like a Death Knight, but it shoots magic instead. You must reflect its magic at it and have it hit its side to kill it.


Smash Ball


See Enemy of the Month # 26. It moves around like a Bat and it drops the Kill All Enemies 100% of the time.

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