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Separate Graphic for Openable Shutters vs. One-Way Shutters

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#1 P-Tux7



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Posted 10 July 2021 - 06:00 PM

I was planning on making a dungeon door set where the "kill all enemies/solve the puzzle shutter" door combo was an eye, and the "one-way shutter" was just an ordinary-looking door or has a teasing XP symbol on it. It turns out that both types of doors use the same combo (and thus graphic) in the doorset setup. Could these be differentiated, please? This will require 20 extra combos to be selected and stored per-doorset (the 40 combos for pre-existing shutters and open shutters will be retrofitted when importing the doorset to 2.55/the newest alpha). Hopefully that doesn't inflate the quest size too much.


Note: When importing pre-2.55 or pre-whatever-alpha door sets, the "shutter" combo in the imported doorset will become the combo for both the newly-differentiated "openable shutter" and "one-way shutter" by default, and the user can then choose one of them to have a different combo if they want to. The same goes for the "open shutter" combo becoming the combo for the newly-differentiated "open openable shutter" (there will be no "open one-way shutter" combo because uh... it can't open).

#2 Valerie



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Posted 17 July 2021 - 01:40 PM

Couldn't you just use a different "Door Combo Set" for the room with a different "shutter" combo?

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