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Rotation room

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Posted 12 April 2019 - 05:43 PM

hi guys i would like to ask a global script request for my current quest :) i would like to create a cercle room for a dungeon and that's where things works:

When Link is in a 'dead end' room there will have 2 buttons: a Right button, and a Left button. If Link press on one of it then the cercled room starts to rotate in right or left direction depended the switch Link pressed. Sometime it unlock a secret door or just a fake door (that it's a wall). Well you know how it's works ^^' I'm kinda inspired from the Forest Temple back from Zelda Ocarina of Time in the cercular room but with switch. That would be useful for the dungeon that i'll make just after the 3th dungeon on my current quest. (the dungeon will not be in the demo however. Unless you want us to adding the 'Door of Dreams' dungeon (or i could simply call it the 'Dreams Gate').) The D0 would be the direction that the room rotates. (0 for left, and 1 for right). The D1 would be the rotate speeds. The D2 would determine the sound it'll make when the room rotates. And finally the D3 would be the sound it'll make when the rotate room stops to rotate. As for the D3 would determine the time it'll take before the rotation stops. (if -1 is selected then the rotation would stop everytime Link leaves the button.) For that one i would need to find a cercled room and wall and door for this one ^^' 

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