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How do traps work

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#1 RingleaderStudios



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Posted 10 January 2019 - 10:07 PM

so i tried to place a trap in a specific place with flags and it wont spawn

#2 Lüt



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Posted 11 January 2019 - 04:16 AM

If you're putting traps in the enemy selection list and then using an enemy flag to place them, that won't work.

Just use flags 32-36, they automatically spawn traps on the flagged location regardless of what's in the enemy selection list.

It's also worth noting that under "Quest" -> "Rules" -> "Enemies," there are 2 checkboxes for "Multi-Directional Traps" and "Line-Of-Sight Traps Can Move Across Entire Screen." These also affect how traps work, particularly the second one, which determines whether traps stop moving when they hit either the vertical or horizontal center axis of the screen, or if they keep going until they hit the next solid object. If you want strictly classic 4-corner traps and middle traps, the kind you get by checking "Corner Traps" and "Middle Traps" in "Screen Data" -> "E.Flags," leave the second one unchecked. If you're doing more complicated placements and don't want them suddenly bumping into invisible barriers in the middle of your screen, check the second one.

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