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#4636 Anthus


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Posted Yesterday, 06:52 PM

Mostly agreed. The only gripes I have are that they nerfed the Deku Palace, where if you fall from one of the higher platforms while trying to infiltrate it the game voids you out and resets you to where you don't have to repeat everything; and they made Twinmold terrible. Apparently your mileage may vary on Twinmold but he's just not fun at all to me in the 3DS version.


As far as the Deku Palace, I was actually fine with that change. I don't fall down much these days, but young Anthus would have loved that. I also like how you can open up a shortcut to the bean seller. It's one of the QoL changes I was fine with. I do agree about Twinmold though, and even Ghoat to an extent. Really, the boss changes seemed really out of left field. Odollwa was okay, and I don't remember Gyorg fight.


I also never understood swapping out the graveyard bottle for the heart piece Madam Aroma gives you. It actually kind of confused me and my friend when we played since we both forgot.


EDIT: Oh! How could I forget? They totally nerfed, and ruined swimming with Zora Link in the 3DS version. Besides this stuff, I agree it is the definitive version, but if you liked it, I'd recommend the original too, if you have the patience for it.

#4637 The Satellite

The Satellite

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Posted Yesterday, 07:28 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot about the swimming change myself. Another thing I don't care for. Not sure I noticed a difference in Goron rolling other than making it so that you tap A to curl up instead of hold A. That change is neither good nor bad, just had to get used to it.


As for Gyorg, I actually really like his new fight in the 3DS version. I thought his fight was the worst in the original but now it's my favorite of the four temple bosses in the 3DS version.

#4638 Norzan



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Posted Yesterday, 07:35 PM

I like the first phase of the Gyorg battle, but the second phase is annoying with the whole having to break the chains of the spiked balls and having him eat them.


The Zora swimming is a mixed bag. I like that i have much better control in tight spaces, but don't know why the fast swimming was tied to the electric shield. Maybe having to tap A twice in a row to activate the fast swimming would have been better.


I was right about the rolling in Goron form being more stiff. Made those curves in the Goht dungeon in the moon annoying as hell because of the stiff turning.

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#4639 Cukeman


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Posted Yesterday, 08:24 PM

Hope they made Gyorg harder on 3DS he's so pathetic in the original. Hookshot him, descend on him while electrified, repeat. So easy.

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