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Posted 13 September 2005 - 05:14 AM

Lately people haven't been paying attention to where they post their topics. This gives the moderators much more work than they should have to do. General Discussion is not a place to stick whatever topics you want in and just let it get moved to the right place. THINK before you post a new topic. Does it provide some sort of entertainment (funny, etc.), cover some sort of entertainment (games, movies, etc.), then the topics go into General Entertainment. Have a question about a computer program or can't get your computer working? That goes into General Computer Discussion. I can understand that the "Member Specific" forum might be a bit confusing there, but I made a thread in there to tell people what to post in there and what not to post in there. Go here for that thread.

Is it really that hard to simply think about where a topic might go before you post it? It makes the moderators do something they shouldn't have to do, and it's easily fixed by a simple few seconds of your time. Posting topics in the wrong forum isn't a warning... I hope it can stay that way. icon_confused.gif

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Posted 13 September 2005 - 08:25 AM

Well said, LTM! Thank you for that description. Since I have pretty much nothing to add to what you've said, I'll try to clarify the types of posts and topics that you would be better off making in these forums.

The Official Announcements Forums
  • Announcements
Upon having (unlocked) comments posted, feel free to post your opinions on the change or event. Please avoid posting comments such as "That's great!" or "I'm glad" which make up the entire post. Keep it related to the topic as best as you can.
  • Assistance and Propositions
This forum is for asking questions regarding PureZC. Anything, really. You can also post suggestions regarding the site. However, please look and see if a question or suggestion has already been made before asking it. It's silly to post the same thing twice. You'll be embarrassed that you posted it twice, and didn't check for a similar topic. Best know these things beforehand. icon_wink.gif
  • The Dropbox forum
This forum is intended to be a place to post topics that you wish only the staff to see - The entire staff at once, that is. Something like "Please remove this post" or "This user is violating a rule."

The Zelda Classic Forums
  • General ZC Discussion
This is basically the General Discussion of the ZC Forums. If you can't figure out where your topic would go, but it does relate to ZC in a way, post it here. This includes quitting work from ZC because of a specific reason. If you're just quitting ZC entirely for lazyness of whatever, just don't post it becuase nobody needs to know, unless you're working on a quest that people are expecting. You can post bug topics in here too, should you encounter one. Don't post any "ZC / ZQuest doesn't work" topics in ZQuest help forum. Post them here. icon_razz.gif
  • Screenshot of the Week
This forum is for the exhibition of the Screenshot of the Week topics. Please don't post in an SSOTW topic which has already been "won." If you need to congratulate the winner, please do it by PM so not to bump a topic and have people posting in a topic which no longer needs posts. O_o'
  • Zelda Classic Expo: <SEASON> 200#
This forum is for the discussion of the <SEASON> 200# Expo. Wait for the topics to be made before posting in them, obviously.
  • ZQuest Editor Help
If you're having trouble getting something to work within ZQuest, ask your question here. A few notes.
1) If you can't get ZC or ZQuest to work, ask why in the ZC Discussion forum, rather than the ZQuest Help forum.
2) If you want to know how to do a fancy trick or something, or to improve your quest, ask in the ZQuest Design Help forum.
3) If you want to know why something of yours isn't working, then -DO- post your problem in this forum.
4) When asking for assistance, be absolutely sure that people will understand your problem. Try not to use words like "thingy" or "whatever happened then" when describing your problem. Screenshots will also help very much.
  • ZQuest Design Help
This forum is for asking for advice in improving either your quest, or your questmaking abilities. Ask for help on the best way to design custom bosses, ways to optimize your combo pages, graphics help, (NOT how to import graphics. How to draw them. icon_wink.gif ) etc.
  • Custom Quest Discussion
For the discussion of either your own quests, or the quests other people have made. Request quests, request quest advice, post beta testing lists, etc. Do what you will with your own topics inside. icon_wink.gif
  • Developer's Exchange
To be used for requesting graphics and/or music, or tilesets, or anything that you need to build your quest. Don't request quests here, or people to help you. Just graphics, art, or music. If you want people to critique your art or music though, there are two things you can do. 1) To ask how to make them better for use in quests, ask in the ZQuest Design Help forum. 2) To ask how to make your materials better themselves, ask here.
  • Quest Project Forums
If you have a hosted quest forum, you can do whatever you'd like with it, so long as it relates in some way to your quest, and still follows the rules of PureZC. If you want to request one, PM the owner of one of the emptier forums to ask if you can share it with him/her. Of course, you can do most of the stuff you'd do in there in the Custom Quest Discussion forum anyway. icon_razz.gif

The General Forums
  • General Discussion
General Discussion is the place where you should put topics that you really can't find a place to put elsewhere. It's not what to put here, but what you should put elsewhere. Okay? icon_wink.gif
  • Member Specific
... ... Well, ... LTM listed that Here. XD If it relates to either you in specific or your posting abilities, then you can freely place it here. Birthdays, self-descriptions, comings and goings, welcomings, goodbyes, etc, all belong in this forum.
  • General Entertainment
GE is for the posting of all forms of Music, Gaming, (NOT Zelda Classic!), humor, art, fan-game creations, (Check the copyright information first.) and things like that. It's for media of most any sort. But remember, be careful when either providing spoilers for games, or posting Emulator/Rom information. Emulators ARE allowed, but discussion of them may link to the posting of ROM sites through those links. Be careful. Posting of ROMS is a serious offense.
  • General Computer Discussion/Aid
This is where you would put most, if not all, of your technology-related questions, comments, displays, etc. While you shouldn't post about games, you should post about the technologies that back them. Sound systems, graphics cards, CPU power, technical questions, iPod systems, (Not the music that goes on them.) etc.
  • Message Board Games
For the posting of fun little "message board games." Post count does not increase here, so that's a good motivation not to spam to increase your post count. You can post interactive games within. Try not to post things like "Kill the member above you" or anything ridiculous like that. Put some real thought into your games, and everyone will thank you for it. icon_smile.gif [list]

#3 Radien



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Posted 03 October 2006 - 03:49 PM

In light of several recent topics, I feel there's a comment I need to make as a staff member:

Private conflicts do not need to be dragged out in public. They belong in PM.

You may feel that making a public post to press someone into responding is all in due course, but it's not. Every member has the right to choose whether or not to reply to a PM (unless it's a staffer PMing them about a rules issue). Creating a topic about it is bordering on coercion, because it is an attempt to make them look bad if they don't respond. This forum does not resolve conflicts through Mob Vote. If you have an issue with another member, take it to the staff, also in PM.

Also, regarding member behavior after a topic is locked:

Creating a topic as a response to another topic being locked is treading on very thin ice. Before you do so, think very carefully about whether it is a good idea. Evading locked topics is a quick way to attract the attention of the staff and possibly to receive a ban. If you have a complaint about a topic being closed, then talk to a staff member by PM.

Even legitimate topics are more likely to be locked if they are in response to past locked topics, even if the original poster isn't technically at fault.

Please keep this in mind, and keep posting, but use discretion. Thanks.

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