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(Done!) I don't know Japanese, let's play メタモード


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Posted 25 July 2021 - 12:19 AM

Hi! I like making cool sprites, but I also like finding cool sprites in games you've never heard of. That's what brings us here. Originally I was going to just rip the sprites, get them all onto the database and be done with it, buuuuuuuuut I was having trouble with the sprite dump approach. And the longer the game held out, the more I realized that it actually looked like a genuinely fun game. It seems like the closest the GBC came to Zelda without actually being Zelda. The only trouble is that whole "being in Japanese" thing.
But it's okay! I googled how to read Hiragana yesterday two days ago, so I can transcribe it now, and Google Translate would never steer me wrong. So I'm sure it'll be fine.
(No but seriously, this shouldn't be too bad. I've been cross-referencing two different machine translations, and from what I've found one or the other usually pulls through. And in a pinch, I've tried taking some artistic liberties to smooth the dialog out. Actual Japanese speakers Aevin and hubydweyer have also helped out here; Aevin in particular has bailed me out a bunch of times already so far. I'm sure there's details and nuances I've missed, so feel free to let me know! I'll be happy to edit things as needed.)
This does have an English title, by the way: it's called Metamode. There's not much other English information on it out there. There's one page you can read if you want, although it has a few plot spoilers. I'm not sure yet how important the plot is going to be, there's definitely a whole lot of intro exposition so far, at least. A Japanese LP can be found here. Oh, and there's some racist costumes on twitter. So, uh, that's also thing we'll be seeing.
I've never done an LP before! I really hope the actual game is fun, I've spent so much time trying to line everything up here that I haven't actually gotten to the gameplay part.
EDIT: The player spritesets, all 90 of them, have been uploaded to the database here! In the coming weeks, I'm hoping to do more uploads for background tiles and for edited versions of the bosses.

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Posted 25 July 2021 - 12:34 AM

Eyes on the prize. Any spritesheet or tiles that I've assembled but haven't put on the database yet will be stashed here until the time comes.


They might or might not go through some editing first.






























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Posted 25 July 2021 - 01:03 AM

The first bits are really exposition heavy, fair warning. I won't even get to select a character until the end of the next post.
Starting off...
>It's bad!
The head of the village got injured by a monster. It's happening so much!
>This is it. I'll kill all the monsters!
......I'm gathering the villagers!
>Don't do that!
Dad's out.
>Monsters are happy to see people, and jump at them out of joy.
But they're so strong that they can't help but hurt others.
I wonder if there is any way for monsters and humans to live together...
>What is it?
>Please stop fighting the monsters!
>I know that even monsters aren't truly monstrous. But this can't continue.
People are getting hurt.
>Please, give me some time!
I'm sure...
I'm sure I can find a way for humans and monsters to live together!
One week...
You can have a week. Find a way to do it by then.
>Thank you!
>Thank you for waiting.
>How did it go? Did you find a way?
The way for people and monsters to get along...
>What? What is it?
>It's Metamode!
>So what?
>Well, please take a look.
He has transformed.
>With Metamode, you can change your appearance like this. But...
>Even if you can change form, the monsters can't. So if you don't restrain yourself...
>That's dangerous.
>If you use Metamode to power up, you can protect yourself without killing monsters.
>But now we human beings are too strong...
>There's no need to worry about it. Please try it out.
>All right! Transform!
>Hey, that's weird!
>Metamode reveals the strength of a person.
Only those who are trying to get stronger can get stronger.
What do you think, Elder?
>It's wonderful. Now we don't have to kill monsters. Thank you very much.
Now hurry and hand the Metamode out to everyone in the village so they can transform. Then we'll gather up a security force to protect the peace.
>Do you mean we'll use Metamode against human evil?
>Yes, that's right.
>Do you want to be a security guard...?
It'd be kind of cool. I'll do my best, I want to join the forces.
>I want to join too.
>I know I'll be there!
>Oh god, I can't wimp out. I'll join too!
>You gave us an amazing invention. I thank you.
tl;dr In the spirt of Undertale, monsters like people but keep attacking them by accident because they're dumbasses. I'm pretty sure the game itself still consists largely of hitting monsters with swords while wearing a variety of magical girl costumes, though, so I have no idea if the themes presented here will hold!
Having actually done all this, I'm not actually sure if this is the direction I wanted to go in. If nothing else, strategically concatenating the machine translations in the spoilers made them much less funny, as well as creating more work. I want to be funnier but I also worry that snarking too hard at a game nobody's heard of, one that I genuinely intend to enjoy, seems counterproductive too. Hopefully a middle ground will present itself once the big exposition's cleared up and I can actually play the game!

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Posted 25 July 2021 - 03:33 AM

Well, wow. The game looks adorable and the plot from what I gather is rather off the beaten path. Like, it's whimsy and original, puts a smile on my face. It's also silly, but yeah.

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Posted 25 July 2021 - 09:34 PM

This is Kools Headquarters.
Boys and girls, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers, they all long for peace.
Once upon a time in a village, a "security force" was built...
And now peace is here.
It's better than ever, and they call it by the name of Kools.
This is the Anpo branch of the Kools.
Everyone calls this place "Tiger's Den..."
The training here is strict. Only a strong-hearted person can become a Kools. And...
There's going to be an entrance test soon.
How many people are here this year?
I wonder how many of them are going to Tiger's Den.
And how many of them will become Kools and protect world peace.
Knack: "I'll be back, Mom."
>Please be careful.
You're like a big brother to that kid. I'll help out however I can.
Knack: "I know."
(I want to note here that this is Knack talking to his own mom.)
>So your sister's kid is finally entering the Tiger's Den?
Don't worry...
When Knack went to Tiger's Den, it made him stronger.
It seems like named characters have their names listed before their dialog lines. The inventor from the backstory in the last post doesn't seem to have had one, and he seems like he'd be a pretty important guy if he were still around. So I think it's a coincidence that he and Knack's dad here share a sprite?
I know from out of game material that the player character and Knack are cousins. I made up the exact family tree details wholesale just to keep their gender ambiguous before selection, so if there's a plothole later, whoops!
Mom: "Oh, it's Knack!"
Knack: "Hello."
Mom: "Come on in!"
Mom: "What happened today?"
Knack: "Well..."
Knack: "...we're going to Tiger's Den..."
Mom: "Oh no! They're still asleep! I have to wake them up quickly!"
Ugh gender neutral language is hard.
Dad: "By the way, I have the Metamode ready. I haven't used it at all."
Knack: ”This isn't good! Let's just set it up now. Where is the Metamode?”
Dad: "Here it is."
Dad: "My father kept it for a long time."
Knack: "I'll just enter the name and gender, it won't take long."
♂: He's very strong, but not so skilled.
♀: She's clever with her hands but not very strong.
I'm not certain exactly what this means in terms of mechanical difference, but we still have to choose!
We also need a name. Names are in Japanese, of course, which might mean a bit of fudging. I believe the default names are Eddy and Ami.
Some other relevant information:
-I do know that this game has a skill system, and I think it's tied to acquiring new transformations (among other things, which are tied to those appearances).
-Whatever we choose here, I intend to 100% this game twice to collect the spritesheets for both, or otherwise find some means to acquire them. I don't plan to LP the game twice, though.
-Both of the video LPs of this game that I'm aware of chose the male protagonist.
-Each gender has 45 different transformations, so we won't be stuck with the specific sprites displayed here for very long.

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Posted 26 July 2021 - 02:53 PM

That will be nice for this game turn to English cuz the music is so damn good!

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Posted 26 July 2021 - 03:02 PM

I'm not much of a connoisseur of GameBoy music, unfortunately...at best, my reaction tends to be, "Huh, this would be pretty good if it weren't held back by being Gameboy music," and then search for good remixes. And I'd be pretty surprised if there are remixes to be found here. (A few soundtracks like Pokemon Pinball and the Pokemon TCGs still have a place in my heart anyway, though.) But for anyone who's interested, you can find the soundtrack here!

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Posted 27 July 2021 - 12:59 AM

I'm gonna just fall back on a female character called Ami and keep going. That said, I've mostly been doing scene transcriptions off of the video LP, which means that if there's a gender difference in the dialog then I miiiiiiiight miss it.
Knack: "Perfect."
Dad: "I'm sorry, Knack."
I'm not totally why he's apologizing here, or what's with the backstory about his father having the metamode before him, if that's not a mistranslation. I...don't think it matters? Hard to say yet.
Mom: "Come quickly, you won't make it in time!"
Mom: "Hurry up!"
Knack: "Shall we?"
Dad: "Thank you for everything."
Knack: "No, no. Anything for my adorable cousin."
Knack: "Let's go!"
Mom: "Ami!"
Mom: "You're so excited you forgot the Metamode!"
Mom: "Do your best, Ami. Even if you can't get into Kools, it'll be okay."
Dad: "When you've finished your training at Tiger's Den, come see me first thing."
Knack: "There's an orange building if you go south from here. That's the Tiger's Den.
Don't you want to see everyone in town before you go?
I'll go on ahead. Take your time."
Knack: "If you want to save data in this state, press the start button and hit Record."
And with that, we have control. Everyone was in such a rush before, but I guess it's fine now?
I'm not going to go into depth until the rest of our options fill in, but here's what our menu looks like:
Anyway. Let's take a leisurely stroll while our mom hyperventilates.
There are monsters on the outskirts of town, you know?
Monsters are very powerful around here, but they don't come into town...
It's because the Kools crew is watching over us.
I'm a member of the Kools. I can transform myself into about 30 forms.
I heard you can use about 200 techniques.
200 seems a bit high from what I know. I think there are 45 in-game for each gender?
I can also open the drawers, which just returns, "There seems to be no problem."
Wait, what was I even looking for in there? Did I just conduct an illegal search? I feel dirty. But I'm still going to have to make sure that no other set of drawers in this town has any meth in it.
Old Woman:
Caves and forests have monsters who are crazy. The Kools make sure they don't attack people.
Old Man:
I'm grateful that even at this age, Metamode can protect me from monsters.
Everything in these drawers seems to be in order too. Unless they hid something under the mattress.
Perhaps Knack's house is where the goods are.
Knack's Mom:
Oh, Ami! You finally got into Tiger's Den, didn't you? You can be a safe member of Kools!
Knack's Dad:
I see...are you in Tiger's Den?
If there's anything you don't understand, you should ask Knack.
It's good to be taught at the Metamode Laboratory.
This is the first time I've heard about a lab. Assuming it's not a mistranslation I am here for it.
The bookshelves here also say, "There seems to be no problem." Man...I get it with the drawers, you wouldn't go through a person's drawers unless you think they're hiding something, but what if I just wanted to read a book?
...Then I searched the bookshelves and drawers on the other side of their house, and got a plum.
Mom: Did you leave something behind? That's annoying, isn't it...
Dad: If you become a member of Kools, you've attained everyone's dream...
...it sounds like a lie.
Doesn't seem like there's anything of note in my room.
Checking more houses...
I've heard you're in Tiger's Den?
I've only tried it once.
I made it through the training, but I failed the last exam...
I can't do it.
Yeah? Starting now, I'm gonna be in Tiger's Den. Are you in?
You're lying! Really? You're ahead of me!
You're finally at Tiger's Den, aren't you?
If you can become a member of Kools, I'd like your autograph.
Old Woman:
Good luck and do your best.
Younger Man:
If it weren't for Metamode, I wonder what would have happened by now.
Either the monsters or us would be gone.
Old Man:
I can transform into 10 different shapes with Metamode.
I can use about 60 techniques.
Okay, so techniques are distinct from forms.
Old Man:
I've been signing up to train at Tiger's Den for fifty years.
And I've failed the training fifty times.
But I won't give up yet. Someday I'll be a member of Kools.
Girl in the first house:
I finally got a Metamode!
That's why I'm gonna be in Tiger's Den this time next year. Then the year after that, I become a member of Kools.
I'm gonna be great there. I'm going to protect the peace and become a heroine all over the world.
Boy in the second house:
Kools's guards are called their "security force." It's a dumb name, isn't it?
Old Woman:
If you start fighting monsters in Metamode, I'd like to talk to you. I'll give you some pocket money.
...I'm suddenly wondering if Kools users get paid for their labor. Outside of an old lady on a bench, I mean. Becoming a shapechanging superhero sounds awesome but I hope I'm not just in it for the exposure, you know?
I don't have a 100% confident translation for the sign, but I think the gist is, ”Show me your transformations. I want to help you get even more! I'll be waiting. -Shokuan.” Going in...
Come whenever you've trained in Tiger's Den.
I'll modify your Metamode so you can change more.
So, uhhh...
I wanted to explore the entire town this update and then go into Tiger's Den next time, but oh god, there's a lot. I think I'm gonna stop this here for now.

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Posted 27 July 2021 - 11:51 PM

"There's danger on the road ahead.
Come back once you've gotten used to Metamode."
With the road blocked, there's a theater on the outskirts I can't get to.
By the way, I do have a sword at this point in the game. I've had it since I could control the character.
In a moment I'll add my current spritesheet to the second post, as well as all the NPCs I've encountered. I've...got to admit, I don't love these. I like the NPC sidesprites, mostly, but the fronts and backs leave something to be desired. And my own player character scares me with her vast empty eyes. I think before a database upload I'd want to edit them into something more in line with the Oracle games.
The sword itself feels satisfying! At least, I think it does; I haven't had a chance to hit anything with it yet. It's a slash, not a stab. It doesn't seem to cut tall grass, but that's okay. Movement is 8-directional. My character's walkspeed is a little slow, but I think that speed is a stat that can be raised through the skill system. So the vanilla class being slow at the very start of the game isn't cause for concern.
I feel a little let down by the sprite situation, and trying to assemble all the sprites and Japanese dialog is definitely slowing me down a lot--but don't get me wrong. I'm still enjoying this game, and I hope that what I'm doing here makes it more accessible for the rest of you. It only has to get translated once, right?
"When using Metamode, push the Kools button if there's a command you don't understand. You can see the explanation."
I do really like these shallow water tiles. The gif I tried to make of them feels wrong because I think some frames are longer than others, so when I do it it's like there's a moment where the water ripples suddenly jerks forward? And the flowers and the boy aren't actually synced up with the water like this, so yeah, this isn't an accurate representation of what I was actually seeing. Anyway, I'm not sure this game has transitional tiles between shallow and deep water, but getting a good set of these should also be on my list.
There are some presents like this laid out in the outskirts of town. This one is okaka, which upon googling seems to be some kind of rice topping. There's a gift on the southern edge that drops curry. And...
I got the goat seed.
Aevin assures me that this is definitely what it's saying.
"Did you know that you could see the map with the select button?"
Here it is! I can select places I haven't visited yet, but their location text is just question marks.
Clicking on a place I have been to gives me a more in-depth map, though. It labels whatever square I've selected if there's something on it, and hides any squares I haven't been to yet.
I can't take the north exit on this screen; a kid walks up and reminds me that Tiger's Den is south of here.
Another house I can't get to. The map labels it "private house." This one is guarded by...
...him. He has the same dialog as the man guarding the south exit, which is odd, because in this case it's not a path off the map and I can clearly see the road to get to the house. It's got a bunch of umbrellas strewn around for some reason, but it's not DANGEROUS.
There does seem to be an underground route that he's also blocking off, though...
Speaking of umbrellas, do you think Mary Poppins is a battleform I can take? God I hope so.
A little boy blocks my way, of course. He promises not to tell the whole class I'm too scared to go to Tiger's Den, which I think was pretty gracious of him.
Well, whatever. Linguistics is hard, let's go shopping!
"Hello, Ami!
I heard you're in Tiger's Den. Come shopping when you've got some money."
At least, I think from the context of him being a shopkeeper that he said that. Both translations are a little hazy on it and could also imply coming here to make money, but that doesn't seem correct. Whatever, man, I JUST said I was coming here to get away from this stuff.
Mix the seeds you don't need! This is MIX!
I don't think I can mix anything yet. The goat seed is the only one I have...I think. Actually I'm pretty sure I picked up something else on a bookshelf at some point and forgot to pause long enough to note what it was, and my start menu doesn't let me check my items yet.
"Hey! Ami!
You're in Tiger's Den! Good luck! Keep it up!"
"This place is convenient. It tells me everything about Metamode."
Huh, so there is a lab.
West Receptionist:
"This isn't Tiger's Den. To get to Tiger's Den, just go west for a while."
East Receptionist
"Oh, Ami.
It's finally your time at the Tiger's Den. If there's anything you don't understand about the training, come ask me a question! You can drop in on me on the way."
"Welcome to Metamode Laboratory!
Metamode specialists come here. You can learn Metamode through the Kools style."
I can also raid their filing cabinets for tuna.
There's three floors to this place. Nothing on the second floor, and on the third...
"I really like this place! Because I can talk to the Kools crew!"
Old Man:
"Someday, I'll be a full Kools member......
That's why I keep studying."
Are shapeshift powers a cure for aging? I feel like I'm reading too much into this.
Okay. I glossed over some random NPC by a very small lake, but I think this just about covers everything. Next time, Tiger's Den.

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Posted 30 July 2021 - 12:49 AM

"You're here!
I've set things up for you to take the training. Before you go through it, you need to learn how to use Metamode. There's a test to make sure you know.
Don't worry if you're confused. I'll try to give it in an easy to understand manner. And if you have any questions, ask him.
Then do your best.
The test is in the room to the north."
He starts walking away, then remembers...
"Yeah, you'll need to be able to use Metamode.
...... ......
...... ...... ......
There, it's done!
I'll be in the next room."
And he's gone.
"Before training in Tiger's Den, you'll have to take a simple test. Go north for more information."
It's adorned with a picture of a great Kools leader.
I have a full menu now, aside from a single remaining ???. I explored it for a while, but trying to translate the skill system broke me emotionally. Almost all the skills in this class are foods I've never heard of that kept throwing off my translations, curing various conditions that the translators also struggled with. I realized a ways into it that my translations were getting thrown off by it writing skills and conditions in katakana, which is probably what sabotaged me so hard. I'll...eurgh, I'll get to it eventually when I'm in a better mood. I think this building is going to have a large tutorial portion anyway.
"If there's anything you don't understand, you can ask the guy testing you."
Other Kools guy:
"There are three forms you can unlock from Normie.
Submariner, Swordswoman and Nurse.
Swordswoman is the best if you want to be strong.
If you want to be good at magic, go Nurse.
...it's kind of weird. I can't explain it well."
I'll take any of those, anything that gets me out of this foodie hell.
Normie is a name for the base class that I cribbed from a twitter post. The Japanese class name, パソピー, it seems to translate loosely into commoner.
The giftbox contains a "fake shield," whatever that is.
Blonde Kools:
"Tiger's Den is the Kools branch here in Anpo, so there can be a place here for official Kools members to train."
Top guy:
"Check the ABILITIES command under SELF.
ATTACK and DEFENSE are especially important."
Middle girl:
"DEFENSE is determined by TOUGHNESS and AGILITY.
Even if you're not strong, you can dodge."
Bottom guy:
"ATTACK is determined by STRENGTH and DEX.
No matter how strong you are, you can't aim for vital points without DEX."
I'm pretty sure STR vs DEX was the gender difference at the start. I guess I have a higher crit rate?
Anyway, it's time to start the actual test.
"Past here, only Kools members are allowed."
Desk Guy:
"This will be a test on basic Metamode usage.
You'll have to pass this test to get Kools training.
So for this first test...
I'm going to give you a major tool. Set it up with B.
Talk to me if there's anything you don't understand.
Don't hesitate to ask."
There's a line in the middle that seems to imply it's already been done and he's confused? I don't know, I deliberately haven't set any skills yet. Let's do it now, carefully without trying to learn the entire Normie skill tree because I'm still mad.
It's the first option, Set.
The left and right arrow keys let me switch from A to B. Setting it is easy.
As I understand it, this class lets me eat foods in the field to restore health and recover from status effects. Each food is a different skill, and I only have some unlocked. I may have mentioned that I hate this aspect of the system and I can't wait to be any other class.
As far as I've seen, there are Small, Medium, Large and Passive skills. I think you need to hold down the relevant button and charge up to different degrees to use the first three types. I can swap each one independently.
The bottom text says,
"Normie technique. Use items in the field."
I would love to tell you what the rest of the Japanese means. The M skill is Antidote, I'm pretty sure. I have no idea about the others.
Desk Guy:
"Good! Perfect! As expected of Knack's cousin!"
This doesn't make me a full Kools member yet, I have to talk to him again.
Desk Guy:
"Now let's take the second test.
Set the techniques Umeboshi and Torf on the A key's S & M settings.
Okay, let's go!"
Umeboshi (うめぼし) is like that plum I got, I think. Torf (トルフ) is...fuck, I have no idea what Torf is, even changing it to hiragana gets me nothing. Torf is a jelly donut now, I'm the best at translating Japanese.
So I have to switch this skill from B to A, and tell the game it's okay to do that. Then remove Torf from the L slot and move it to M. I'm...a little confused on how this works, but I think Torf was always supposed to be an M skill, and overcharging a weaker skill is allowed.
S: Umeboshi: eat a plum and recover a little from the fight
M: Torf: recover a little bit of HP and MP.
At least, I assume it's MP. I have a red bar and a blue bar under that and they say the same words in tiny text as this entry does.
I also take the liberty of equipping that fake shield, while I'm here.
The tester doesn't seem to recognize it at first, possibly because I clicked around a bunch after the Set commands. But when I go to Set again and leave, he sees that I did what he asked and congratulates me. Question 3:
"The next test finally involves using a Set technique.
You need to use the skill "Torf." Any button is fine.
Anyway, go ahead and try it.
Yeah, to use "Torf" you need to have the item Torf.
You don't have any, do you? That's okay, here's 2."
Ami got 2 torf!
I'm pretty confident I can do this, but I do want to see what he has to say about it.
"If you leave the set button pressed for a while, the marker will blink over your head.
Release the button when the rank marker with "Torf" is blinking.
That's why I gave you the Torf--because it's going to be used."
Pressing A still triggers a slash attack, but when I hold the button down now, an S eventually appears over my head. This becomes an M if I leave it long enough, and...
"Okay, good! Let's do the next test. I'll give you an explanation, so come here."
....I may have overcharged it. I thought my Aseprite window where I was holding the screenshots was my game window, and I was going frame by frame to try to capture the shot. And, uhhh, that backfired!
"The next test isn't very different from the previous one, so you can probably do it fast.
Set "Egg" on A+'s S and use it.
Here's an egg! Take it!"
Ami got two eggs!
Eggs are タマゴ. I think A+ and B+ are tied to pressing both an action button and a direction. The skill description says something about recovering from eating eggs, but トクシュ being in katakana makes me think that there's some kind of "special" recovery mechanic here. Whatever, I still hate this class and the sooner I can become a submarining swordsnurse and never eat food again the better.
Asking for further advice, I get:
"For A+, press the D-pad first and then the A button.
When the marker at the bottom of the screen starts blinking, you can release the cross button or move in any direction. And you have to have set the egg.
When the S appears over your head, just release the button.
When you fight monsters, you'll be moving around a lot, so use A+ and B+.
You'd better set up some common tricks."
"Isn't S the one where you had Egg set?
You have to release the button while S is over your head."
Another screenshot fumble--I waited too long. Still, cool to see that there's skill-using sprites for all directions here and not just the front.
"So cool! As expected of Knack's cousin!
Now I'll explain the last test, so come here."
This time I was careful to frame advance. And frankly, if you think about it, pausing time around you to line up your attack is absolutely a badass superhero move befitting of a Kools.
"Use B+'s M with Antidote.
You've passed this test so far. It's easy, isn't it?
Then here's some Antidotes. Look!"
Ami got 2 Antidotes!
Antidotes are ゲドクザイ. Whenever I change what button my skill is tied to, it seems to also restore some defaults, and one of them is M - Antidote. Simple enough.
Sooooooooo...I did it, but the game EDIT: MY EMULATOR's A AND B BUTTONS, ACTUALLY seem to have frozen here and I can't advance the dialog. So, um, you know what, I'll take this as an excuse to stop here. I guess I'm going to redo this and continue next time? Documenting it all was the hard part, really.

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Posted 30 July 2021 - 12:15 PM

AS A BONUS EPISODE, here are my incomplete notes from when I was trying to translate the Memory command. (This is the one that lets you spend points, which I think you earn via leveling, to unlock new skills. Set, the one we were tested on in the last update, is about equipping the skills you already have.) This is but a small window into my descent into madness, held back by the petty constraints of language.


Language is just the fucking worst.




한국어는 훨씬 더 좋은 언어예요 THERE I SAID IT

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Posted 30 July 2021 - 02:08 PM

WWWJDIC is more likely to be helpful for individual words.


S メカラウロコ some kind of bun I think
メカラウロコを のむ ゲンエイが なおる Get better after drinking [not-a-bun-then]

目から鱗 - "scales from eyes." Looks like it cures hallucinations.

S オシンコ Oshinko, I have no clue what this is either.

Pickled vegetables.

ナマウニを たべる ピヨルが なおる Some kind of healing with some gibberish in the middle, I hate this.

ピヨル or ピヨる seems to be fighting game slang for being stunned, apparently derived from the accompanying chirping sound ("piyopiyo").

ナマワサビを たべる フドウが なおる Cures...bad luck?


S オロシワサビ Another kind of wasabi
オロシワサビを たべる カナシバリが なおる Some kind of paralysis/binding cure

Grated wasabi. Cures... sleep paralysis? This game seems to have an awful lot of debilitating status effects.

S ジャコ Google Images says that Jako = some kind of superhero alien dude. Sure, whatever, it's not cannibalism if it's an alien.

Small fish. More commonly ざこ.

S ツクダニ Who gives a fuck

"Preserved food boiled in soy." Sounds great.

S ドンガラシ Might as well be goddamn arsenic for all I care

Some kind of mustard, I think? Can't come up with anything more specific, or at least anything likely.

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Posted 30 July 2021 - 02:31 PM

Huh, fair enough. That dictionary doesn't seem familiar with Torf either, but this could definitely be helpful.


And yeah, there seems to be an oddly high number of status conditions for a top-down action game. And those skills I posted were just a little less than a third of all the skills for this class, and I didn't even transcribe all their descriptions. So who knows how many others there are that just haven't been identified.


Even without the language barrier in the way, I kind of wonder how well a game could telegraph the difference between stun and paralysis and immobility and sleep paralysis. We're going to find out, I guess.

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Posted 30 July 2021 - 03:00 PM

I'm really blown away by the tile-work on display here, especially the outdoor details.  It's like a tileset made for an alternate-universe Zelda game but with a Gameboy Pokemon eye towards general asethetics.  Very neat stuff, thanks for going through the ludicrous hurdles needed to post this stuff.

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Posted 30 July 2021 - 08:29 PM

The emulator I'm using (GBE+) has done that glitch two more times since last time. It doesn't necessarily lose me progress--I can save state while frozen, and if I close the emulator and reopen it I can reload that state and keep playing like nothing happened--but it is extremely annoying. And a Windows 10 glitch is stopping me from taking advantage of the one thing I originally picked GBE+ to do. And various other features, like its pause button either requiring two keys or clicking it on a menu where it's the option right over "Reset," are also getting to me. I think I need to pick out another emulator before anything else.

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