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Let's Play Forum Rules

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Posted 17 December 2016 - 01:40 AM

In accordance with this recent announcement, many of these rules no longer apply. We're in the process of updating this post to better reflect our approach to the forum.


Two years ago to the day (east of the Rockies, at least), we introduced a new set of rules to the LP forum after complaints that the forum was basically a URL dumbping ground. As those rules were for the most part ineffective, we're now modifying the existing rules. While some users followed our old rules, and in cases went above and beyond, the basic tone of the forum hasn't changed much in these past two years. To that end, we now present the new rules. All existing PureZC rules apply in this forum, but here are the additional rules:

1. All Let's Play update posts must contain descriptive words and be substantial updates.

This is not a ban on updates. However, it is a ban on daily updates or link dumps. If you want to tell your viewers that you're going on hiatus, or you're changing your upload schedule, that's cool. If you want to discuss the LP with your viewers, that's even cooler. But please, do not post every time you upload a new video, particularly if these updates are very frequent.

2. All Let's Plays that have their own threads for a single game or game series must at least tell what the game is and be a little informative about it in their opening post (OP).

You don't have to write an essay or anything; rather, one or two sentences are fine. The rule of thumb here is that if people have to look up on a search engine what the thread covers on a basic level, you've not followed this rule. Additionally, in light of rule one, you will probably want to link to a Youtube playlist (or at the very least, your channel) and discuss the upload schedule you follow.


  • "Super Smash Bros Wii U is a fighting game featuring Nintendo characters with a few 3rd party gaming icons thrown in as well. Unlike most fighting games, Smash Bros has heavy platforming elements and movesets that are easy to perform, giving it a unique gameplay style with lots of depth while still being accessible to casual players. The game can be played competitively or as a party game. Come be a part of the fun as I challenge myself by battling through the highest difficulty of all the single player modes. New videos will be posted daily in the following playlist."
  • "The Revenge is a 1.84 quest created by PrinceMSC, even though the database says it's for 1.90. It's the first quest in the two part Revenge series. It was the first quest I played when I ran into ZC and I really liked it, so let's see how it holds up now. I'll be uploading videos every three days at my channel here."

3. All Let's Play Megathreads (putting all of your LPs into a single thread) must at least tell what the game is and be a little informative about it when starting up a new game.

This is a variation of the second rule to include megathreads. If you're starting up a new game inside a megathread, you need to introduce it. That can either be done in the post where the LP starts or in the opening post of the thread. Refer to the second rule for more information on that.

It's worth noting this doesn't generally apply for streaming threads if you're just going to announce you are doing a stream. That's okay. It'd be nice to do it with posting stream recordings in the LP forum, though. We also ask that, if possible, you create a schedule rather than posting "More of the same today," on a daily basis, though we recognize this isn't always possible and won't hold it against you.


We hope that these changes will help viewers find videos to watch and thus help let's players find an audience.

If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to ask the staff in the dropbox, through PMs, or in Assistance and Propositions.

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