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Some Additional Combo Editor Attributes/Flags/Functions

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Posted 24 January 2022 - 01:12 AM

Here are some suggestions for additional flags, attributes & functionality for various combos to make the combo editor just a little bit more robust:


Armos:  "Can't be triggered from the <Direction>" flags for each of the four directions, just like treasure chest.  Add "Next" and "SFX" to the armos combo type...so you can set a sound that plays when the player touches such a combo & can choose for it to go to the next combo instead of the undercombo.


Grave & BS Graves should also have a SFX flag & attribute


Bush & Bush->Next and Slash & Slash->Next ocmbos should have a "sound" flag & attribute.  IIt's a bit odd that the generic combo type has this but these combos do not.


Damage combos:  "Auto-damage" and then a corresponding attribute, "Auto-dmg Rate".  This means that link is damaged automatically every x number of tics (60 per second) just by this combo being on the screen.  If the combo changes to something else, the auto-damage stops.  Also, a negative custom damage amount heals link, either by stepping on it OR using the "auto-dmg" function.  Perhaps also an attribute that disables the auto-dmg / heal effect if Link is in possession of a specific item.


Hookshot Grab combos could have some new flags, starting with "specific sides only", meaning the hookshot only latches onto the combo if it is hit from a specific side.  When that is checked, then four other flags change to each of the four directions, "left, right, top, and bottom" to check off which sides Link can hit this combo from & he'll be pulled to it.  Otherwise, hit in from any side.


Lanterns should have a flag that says "variable radius", which makes the size of the light grow.  If checked, then the "radius" attribute would change to read "minimum radius" and then a second attribute would be "maximum radius."  then a third would be 'speed."  This makes it so that the glow of a lantern would start at x minimum radius and grow to y maximum radius at a rate of z.  You can fake this with combo cycling but it's a bit of a pain.


*Side note:  A quest rule / option that makes it so enemies' fire weapons (including fire trail) give off light in a dark room)


Liquid:  "No Diving" flag...like it sounds, not able to dive when swimming in this type of liquid combo...perhaps an additional attribute that toggles this off & resumes diving if Link is in possession of a particular item (like a Zora's scale)


Pound combos should have a "SFX" attribute so that you can change what it sounds like when hit.  O would keep it at the default.  Plus an attribute that determines the level of a hammer that is needed to hit it.


Left, Center & Right Statue combos should have an attribute / flags that let you decide what enemy weapon is fired off, if you want to replace the default fireball, along with the frequency at which it fires, the speed of the projectile, and the direction (left, right, up, down, or towards Link).  I know shooter enemies can do this but this would be more convenient.



Shallow Liquid:  A flag / attribute that allows you to change the splash sprite that appears over Link from the default, if you choose. Maybe same with Tall Grass.


Signpost:  Flags / attributes for "SFX" and "Next" so that if you read a sign, a sound effect can occur when the text appears and/or the combo changes to the next one after reading (like for NPC's you can only talk to once)


Slow Walk:  An attribute that determines just HOW slow Link walks.  Another attribute that nulls this effects (Link resumes walking at regular speed) if in possession of the specified item.


Auto-Side Warp Random, Direct Warp Random & Stairs Random:  Chance[A] Attribute, Chance[B} Attribute, etc. which determines the probability out of the total that the corresponding warp will be initiated, in case you want to make it more likely that another warp happens...you could even have it be random between 2 warps, or 3..and not all 4 by having some warps chance's be 0.  If all chances are 0, then the chance is an even 1 in 4 (25%) by default.


Trap Combos:  Attributes that allow you to change the speed of the trap (0 refers to the default) and the sprite (0 refers to default sprite).  For constant traps, a flag that makes the trap turn 90 degrees when it hits a solid combo, rather than 180 degrees (reverse).  So if trap hits a solid combo going right, it will go down, etc.  Perhaps a way to choose whether it goes clockwise or counterclockwise (so if it's going right & hits a solid combo it goes up)


Treasure Chest:  An option to set its item within the combo editor rather than the room's secret item - could be a random item from a dropset, or a particular item, with attribute & flags much like that of the "generic" combo type.  Of course, if the "specific item' flag is NOT set, then it will go back to the traditional way of using the armos->item flag & the room's special item.  I'm surprised this isn't a thing already.  Plus, a flag & attribute for "SFX" for when it opens.  And maybe an "Always resets" flag that makes the treasure chest always re-close & have its item inside whenever you leave the screen & come back (instead of permanently opened).  Also maybe a "self only" flag that makes it so ONLY this treasure chest is opened itself when activated.  This makes it so you can have multiple treasure chests in the same screen (and each with different items)

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