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Guidelines for Reporting Bugs

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Posted 05 October 2018 - 11:16 PM

1. Version Info

Denote if the bug affects Zelda Classic (the quest player), ZQuest (the quest editor), or both.


  • Specify the version of ZC, or ZQuest in which you observed the bug. 
    • e.g., [ZC 2.50.2], or [ZQuest 2.55 Alpha 2].


  • If the version that you are using is an Alpha build, or a Beta build, please specify the Alpha/Beta ID. 
    • You can find the exact version details in ZQuest under the menus, in Etc->About, and in ZC in the menus under Misc->About


Please Denote
Version, Build, and If the build is not a release, please specify the Beta/Alpha ID.



ZQuest 2.53.0, Build 31, Build Beta 22


  • It's a good idea to put a shorthand version of this in the topic title, too.


2. OS Information

Please specify the platform that you use (e.g. Windows, Linux, OSX) and your OS version (e.g. Windows 7, Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux 14.10) that you used when you observed the bug.


  • We may inquire for further details on your hardware (e.g., your graphics card details), if needed.


3. Bug Details
Provide a detailed account of the problem. Explain what the bug is, how to cause it to occur, and the effects that it causes. If the bug causes crashes, please specify if it is a hard crash, or a hang (ZC/ZQuest is running, but ignores all input).


  • Be as detailed as possible in how to replicate the conditions to trigger the bug.


  • If possible, provide screenshots, if they will be help to comprehend the problem. If you can record and publish a video, this is exceptionally helpful 


  • You may provide a link to a quest file* to demonstrate the bug. This is exceptionally helpful to speed up repeated testing.


  • If the bug relates to ZScript, please supply the script,* and/or a quest file*.


* You may submit quests and scripts privately if you wish, by sending them in a PM, and linking to your bug report in the PM. 



4. Please Do Not:

Please do not submit the full bug report by PM. 


Please do not submit reports for ancient/old beta versions of ZC, unless the bug persists in the latest 'final' release.


Thank you for your report.

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