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Super Mario Maker 2 Level Sharing Thread :D

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Posted 03 October 2019 - 01:12 AM

World 1
NJF's Classic World 1-1: 3KN-DYW-2HG [Personal Best = 18s] (Updated Sept 26th 2019)
NJF's Classic World 1-2 (Beta): L6K-PSJ-SWG [Personal Best = 33s] (Updated Sept 29th 2019)
NJF's Classic World 1-3 (Beta): X1J-ML5-JYF [Personal Best = 100s] (Updated Sept 29th 2019)
World 2
NJF's Classic World 2-1 (Beta): XCT-KJR-DVF [Personal Best = 30s]
NJF's Classic World 2-2 (Beta): DRW-Y66-QNG [Personal Best = 57s]
NJF's Classic World 2-2 (Beta): SYK-6PB-1SF [My Personal Best = Undetermined]
Six Complete Stages. This set includes two full worlds out of the 4 or 5 I have planned. 

Things to know about these stages:

  • These are retro stages designed to feel like Mario 1 and Mario 3 (with a few modern touches thrown in)
  • World 1 is easy to beat, using Nintendo-like design philosophy.
  • Difficulty spikes a bit in world 2, so be prepared for that.
  • Very speed runner friendly. It's built into the design. I've list my best times to demonstrate how fast they can be beaten.
  • Levels have plenty of secrets, every level has a coin. 
  • Level 1-2 in particular has a fun little Easter Egg. It doesn't function how it appears, but retro Mario lovers will love the reference. 
Just finished playing all your stages and wanted you to know that I enjoyed them. :) They flowed well offered plenty of power-ups, which I appreciate. I'm left with the sense that I didn't find every secret, which is an excellent feeling to instill in players because it makes worlds feel bigger than they are. I also appreciate the overall diversity of levels and level concepts.
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Posted 08 October 2019 - 12:45 PM

3 Worlds out of 4 completed (5 if I include Rainbow Road).
World 1: Generic Forest World
- Stage 1-1:
Very generic NES Mario level. It was my first stage I built and I wanted to focus on design rather than gimmicks. 
- Stage 1-2:
A Forest themed level. More comfortable with the engine, I start to use more features such as rising water and vertical scrolling. 

- Stage 1-3:
Bowser Jr.'s Castle is designed more like a Zelda dungeon than a Mario level. Mario 1's castles were kinda designed badly in my opinion, so I felt Zelda would make a better frame of reference. 

World 2: Into the Skies
- Stage 2-1:
Desert themed level. Having my fun with chain chomps and the enemy stacking feature. 

- Stage 2-2:
Sky themed level built around the boot as the main gimmick. 
- Stage 2-3:
Bowser Jr's Battle Ship. Kinda your typical ship stage, kinda not. The NES theme really adds for a different kind of ship experience.

World 3: The Frozen Region

- Stage 3-1:
Iced themed dungeon where you use spiney hats to defeat annoying flying squids.  
- Stage 3-2:
Nightfall reaches the glacial depths and it's now completely dark under water, but that's fine, Mario is very well prepared to take out anything under the ice. 

- Stage 3-3:
An Icy Mansion! If Stage 1-1 was too simplistic, this stage is the polar opposite! This mansion breaks tradition by not involving Boos as a central gimmick. This level is complex, but it does guide you to where you need to go.

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Posted 30 April 2020 - 02:47 PM

NJF's Classic Worlds have been completed. It's been a heck of a long time since I posted here, but it's been a heck of a long series to make, I also took a very long break from the game until the Worlds update. So I'll just post my levels here, even though I doubt this game's even being played anymore in this community.  :shrug:  :shrug:  :shrug: 


NJF's Classic Worlds












If you see this, and there's a chance you're still playing this game, I hope you enjoy all the work that's put into this. 

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