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#1 Saffith


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Posted 18 January 2010 - 12:26 AM

Some functions for ghosted enemy scripts. Requires at least RC2.

ghost.zh and demo
HTML documentation (click the "Download" button, not the folder)
AutoGhost setup demo video

In the demo quest, the cheat codes are just 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Any bugs or suggestions, let me know.

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#2 Alestance


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Posted 18 January 2010 - 05:21 AM

this is interesting, I'll snag this, thank you very much. icon_biggrin.gif

#3 lucas92



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Posted 18 January 2010 - 04:25 PM

This might be very useful to make custom bosses. icon_smile.gif

#4 Saffith


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Posted 01 March 2010 - 03:26 PM

Updated for builds 1174 and up. Handles stunning better now, and a couple of small bugs are fixed.

#5 Saffith


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Posted 14 April 2010 - 11:15 PM

Another update. Added a new init method, improvements to stunning and thrown eweapons.

Does anyone besides me actually use this, or have any interest in doing so? I could write up a tutorial, if it'd be helpful.

(Edit: Small update: fixed a minor issue in the demo and a significant mistake in the documentation.)

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#6 Christian



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Posted 15 April 2010 - 01:55 AM

Hey nice job with these Saffith. I'll definitely be using those for bossed and enemies. Thanks! icon_smile.gif

#7 Gleeok


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Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:39 AM

I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I might use it for the final boss in Grikarugun since I need to keep track of about 100 or so 'segments', and I'd rather not have to roll my own for that. I haven't looked at it since the first demo so I can't quite recall, but is there a 'lite' function? By that I mean a minimal interface that doesn't use all the functionality except the bare minimum (for speed icon_smile.gif ).

edit: nevermind, took another look at it. Looks good.

Now that you mention it the enemy scriptiing front has slowed down to a crawl. That's likely a large part of it.

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#8 Saffith


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Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:06 PM

Gah, I broke knockback last time. Fixed now. Added a couple more functions while I was at it.

#9 SpacemanDan


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Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:40 PM

This will be extremely useful for me when I'm creating some new enemies and stuff. (Considering a fair bit of my WIP requires pretty much new enemies.) Thank you! icon_biggrin.gif

#10 Saffith


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 05:00 PM

Updated. It needs build 1326+ now, so it's only for Linux and the debug build at the moment.
- Fixed a couple of small bugs.
- Enemies can now have combos set automatically based on direction.
- Added a function to adjust the enemy's hitbox.
- Eweapons can now flicker and cast shadows, and there's now a falling movement type.
- Added functions to create eweapons larger than 1x1.
- The SetFlags() and all three FireEWeapon functions have changed; the old versions are deprecated.

I've also added on to the demo. Do try it, I'm rather proud of it. If you can't/won't play it, I also made a video of it.

#11 SpacemanDan


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 06:44 PM

These additions will surely come in handy for some ideas I've had for bosses. icon_smile.gif Thanks again for this. It's made making bosses so much easier and fun, given all the nifty things you can do with it. icon_smile.gif

#12 Rastael



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Posted 23 November 2010 - 04:33 AM

How can I use it?
Should I copy the text of the file to my script-file or should I write ""import ghost.zh" to the top of my script-file?

#13 SpacemanDan


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Posted 23 November 2010 - 08:39 AM

Yes, you'll need to write 'import "ghost.zh"' at the top of you script file in order to make use of the functions found in this. Make sure when you compile the script that you have 'ghost.zh' in the same folder as Zelda Classic or as the script file; I don't remember which.

#14 Orithan


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Posted 14 December 2010 - 10:20 PM

I'm trying to use it with build 1343, but it comes up with a few errors: the functions bool IsWater and all of them below it, the complier says that they were already declared with that type signature even after I fix the centerX and centerY functions. I'm also trying to complie the simple GhostZHExample and it comes up with other errors (like GHF_4WAY is undeclared), when I comment the functions above.

#15 Saffith


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Posted 14 December 2010 - 11:02 PM

Well, that's embarrassing... The link was pointing to an old version. I didn't even notice there were two of them there.
Should be fixed now.

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