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Map of the Year 2020: Moblin Bracket


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Poll: Map of the Year 2020: Moblin Bracket (37 member(s) have cast votes)

Which one of these will defeat the Moblin?

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#1 Eddy



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Posted 01 January 2021 - 08:04 AM

Map of the Year 2020: Moblin Bracket


10. Mani Kanina (MotM 126)

Where might this be?


4. Hubydweyer (MotM 120)



12. Shane (MotM 128)



1. Shane (MotM 117)

We're in the middle of bloody woop woop.

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#2 Mitchfork


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Posted 03 January 2021 - 01:32 AM

I had a really long post and lost it, so I'll hit the high points... this was an interesting bracket, since all the competitors were using the same tileset family (and two maps by the same author) but all have pretty different styles.  So I kind of rated them in the order that the styles made sense to mention in... I did feel like this was the strongest bracket of this year's contest and any of these could have made it to the finals with a different roll of the dice.


Shane 128 - 

This is a very "classical" GB-style map.  Trees and cliffs are used almost exclusively as screen-bordering tools, leaving the screen centers very open - this map would be very breezy to explore and engage in combat in.  While the level of detail is obviously far denser than in the actual Game Boy games, this is very similar to how Nintendo used these tiles functioanlly.  Some of the (mostly Firebird) tile additions work for me, like the cute little planters in the cemetery or the docks.  Others feel a little clashy, like the chests and bridges.  There are some quibbles I have with certain screen transitions (especially between the desert and snowy mountains), but this is only a problem when viewing the map as a whole, not in-game.  Overall, this is a very strong map though.  My favorite details are the vines on the mountains in the south-east and the way you did the "bottomless" pits in the desert - these are great.


Shane 117 - 

This is a little bit more intricate usage of the tileset than your other map.  While trees are still used mostly for blocking, cliffs are now used much more for aesthetic and layering purposes, and unwalkable areas of the screen have much more detail variety.  There's also a lot of little details I like, such as the train, which gives this a really strong and unique sense of place.  I think I like this a little better than your other entry, but obviously it's hard to compare as the scope is so dramatically different.


Mani Kanina 126 - 

Moving further away from the official usage, this map features a lot of mid screen details - obstacles are used in a much more aesthetic way, with borders between screens being a little less defined and adding a little more friction to traversal.  This is a very interesting take on the Z1 overworld, with plenty of recognizable details but a lot of major changes as well to expand on the number of biomes.  What really sold me on this map is that, as I examined it, I saw a lot of very good gameplay and exploration considerations - for instance, the Roc's Feather enables multiple shortcuts across the center lake, and the Power Bracelet offers a great shortcut to the L3 entrance (if the PB is in L3, then it works as a really good natural redirect to the OW start).  There's also obviously a fast travel system with the crystals that is good to see on full 16x8 overworlds.  This is where I voted since I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of these design decisions.


Hubydweyer 120 - 

And finally at the far end of the detail spectrum we have this map, which is using the tiles almost entirely in a "naturalistic" style where screen and map borders are super de-emphasized compared to the other maps here. 


however, Zack forgot to add color and therefore I can't vote for it

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#3 Anthus


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Posted 03 January 2021 - 03:13 PM

Hi, "let's all submit beautiful GB maps" PureZC map contest. I'm going to have to legitimately null. I can't say one is "better" than any other.


It's really close between Shane's first one, and Mani's. I just can't pick even after looking at these for like, 15 minutes :P

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#4 Eddy



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Posted 21 January 2021 - 10:46 AM

This was a very tight contest but the winner of this bracket is... Shane! Congrats!


10. Mani Kanina (MotM 126) (12 votes [37.50%])

4. Hubydweyer (MotM 120) (4 votes [12.50%])

12. Shane (MotM 128) (13 votes [40.62%])

1. Shane (MotM 117) (3 votes [9.38%])

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