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Alpha Æternal AEthernal Windows 2.55

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Posted 21 November 2019 - 01:10 AM

Zelda Classic AEternal, v2.55, Alpha Forty-Two (Win32, 48MB)
Changelog for 2.55 on GitHub.
Expo Module | Demo Module | PhantomMenace Module |

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by mirror-reflected weapons.
  • Added death.zh, time.zh, and bitmap.zh to headers/ and to include/
  • Fixed potions killing ambient sound-effects.
  • Fixed some bugs in the Classic Module, and in the Default Moduole
  • Added metadata to modules, and 'About Module' menu option to ZC Player and to ZQuest Creator.
  • Fixed graphical glitches with swordbeam shards.
  • Weapon Type and Default Defence lists no longer display unimplemented types.
  • Added internal ZQ help for Shields (block flags), and for ZScript.
  • You can now open the Message String help page from the ZQ menus.
  • The Level Palette dialogue now jumps to the current palette.
  • Fixed sprite caps.
  • Fixed crashes with mirror and weapon interaction.
  • Fixed a crash when creating eweapons with an invalid type.
  • NPCs now have a flag to allow moving them out of the screen bounds on a per-npc-basis.
  • NPCs now have a flag o enable 'Fast Draws' on a per-npc-basis.
  • Refactored .zdmap, and .zdmapset, merging them into one type.
  • Fixed the 'Load Module' function to update GUI lists.
  • Fixed potions killing ambient sound-effects.
  • Added the ability to import combos without overwriting.
  • Fixed crashes when using .ztile and .ztileset.
  • ZQuest Creator now properly renders negative layers for neighbouring screens.
  • Fixed hotkeys for 'Goto Page', and arrow UI widgets for the Large Mode Combo Alias selection.
  • The Ganon ashes and Triforce drop now work properly on conveyors, and in sideview gravity.
  • Weapons modified by the Item Editor, Weapon Tab, Weapon Type field, or lweapon->UseWeapon, now triggers combo and secrets.





  • Fixed header guard filename case-sensitivity.
  • Restored itemdata->Max
  • item scripts are now itemdata scripts.
  • Added death.zh, time.zh, and bitmap.zh to headers/ and to include/
  • The maximum on-screen sprite limit is now variable; Added the following instructions:
    • int Game->MaxNPCs(); 
    • void Game->MaxNPCs(int newmax);
    • int Game->MaxLWeapons();
    • void Game->MaxLWeapons(int newmax);
    • int Game->MaxEWeapons();
    • void Game->MaxEWeapons(int newmax);
    • int Game->MaxItemsprites();
    • void Game->MaxItemsprites(int newmax);
    • int lweapon->Max();
    • void lweapon->Max(int newmax);
    • int eweapon->Max()';
    • void eweapon->Max(int newmax);
    • int npc->Max();
    • void npc->Max(int newmax);
    • int iemsprite->Max();
    • void itemsprite->Max(int newmax)
  • Added Debug->Breakpoint(char32 str[]) and controls for breakpoints in the ZASM Debugger.
  • Added access to scrolling layers, and to tempscreen via mapdata:
    • Game->LoadTempScreen(int layer);
    • Game->LoadScrollingScreen(int layer);
  • Added Screen-> and mapdata->isSolidLayer(int x, int y, int layer);
  • Added dropset-> dataype with the following instructions:
    • in Choose();
    • int Items[10];
    • int Chances[10];
    • int NothingChance()' 
  • Added npc->Remove();
  • Added logical Xor as ^^ and xor. Biwise xor is ^ and bitxor.
  • Fixed ZASM pushing and popping 0 for no valid reason.
  • The stack pointer is now a bitset, to handle all 1,024 registers.
  • Fixed a crash when using NO_ERROR_HALT with ternary expression errors.
  • EWeapons and NPCs now know the UID of their Parent, if any, accessible via ->ParentUID.
  • The ZScript Debugger now has a monochrome view option.
  • Updated std.zh to v1.6004
  • Fixed Waitdraw() for itemdata scripts.
  • The item-> datatype (pointer) is now itemsprite->.

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