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Link and Zelda: Panoply of Calatia

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Link and Zelda: Panoply of Calatia

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#406 OkamiTakahashi


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Posted 10 October 2018 - 09:28 PM

Ooh, the long awaited 1.5 update! This, plus the really LAZY edit of Zelda 1 Nintendo just released on the NES Online app, gives me the needed reason to replay through this game.

A secret alternate final boss eh? Interesting...

Welp, time to redownload the game and replay it, and continue raving about it to friends on ZU. Once again, thank you SO much for all the hard work and effort you put into Panoply of Calatia. It really is the best quest I've ever played in my life, and truly feels like it lives up to the franchise standards. THIS really is Zelda III to me.

Edit: the game should be a little easier to control for me now that I have a Switch pro controller. Though it's been so long since I played the game that I just keep dying and forgot what to do. Time to rewatch Melee Wizard :P

Also, I've played your sailing demo, Mitsukara. Once again, your incredible skill just blows me away. There is just so much effort put into the one demo and shows an immense amount of promise. Best of luck to you on the development of Memories of Koholint.

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#407 Mitsukara



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Posted 14 October 2018 - 06:32 PM

This was going to be a "small" update to fix one problem I noticed in 1.5 "real quick", buuuut, um, it got out of hand... sorry to anyone who dived into 1.5 right away. <_<' (Although you can swap out the new quest file with the old one, and put the new support pack files in, and it should be compatible with your old save file.)


Version 1.62 is up on the database!


EDIT: Due to more undercombo and cset errors, and possibly a missing elevator (in a shaft going down so it wasn't gamebreaking), now it's Version 1.62. I recommend updating. You can use the same save file as before, just copy and paste the new version of the quest over the old one (or make a backup if you see fit).

New features:

  • Finally added a "Boss Rush" mode of sorts. There are no prizes, but you can choose to re-fight all of the bosses and minibosses in a post-game area.
  • One new item, an improvement for the Good Octorok, now exists and can be obtained by completing a small new challenge involving carried objects.
  • Certain climbable overworld ledges can now be hopped down a la LTTP/gameboy games. They have also been added to a few new locations.
  • Magic bubbles can now be harmed by Sprite the Mouse-Cursor fairy. (My apologies/thanks to MeleeWizard, who tried this back in earlier versions when it was not yet a thing.)
  • New scripted Geru knights appear in various sideview ares, as well as "quadrupedal Zora" enemies (sometimes known as Basilisks).

Design changes:

  • Made several major tweaks to a certain gold dungeon to liven it up a little and reduce the emptiness, with small new challenges.
  • Added slightly more of a puzzle to the room after you fall in Yamauchi palace, and altered the room down the basement stairs.
  • Darknuts can now be hit by arrows for 1/4 damage, and Tunkrads can be hit by the sword for 1/4 damage. This does not apply to the gray (splitting) variety, who will still block those weapons.
  • Various tweaks to certain Impa hints and final battle hints.
  • Some enemy locations have been changed or moved based on my experiences replaying the quest.
  • Poes now take damage from arrows.
  • Moved the new Soejima Palace shortcut, introduced in 1.5, back a couple rooms to fit better with the progression of the dungeon.
  • Ceiling masters work slightly better and cast a warning shadow that covers the player.
  • All Moas can be pushed by the shield, and their number in the valley area has been reduced.
  • Replaced Impa's unhelpful hint about how to stop Link's beetle in the castle basement with a hint about the location of the anchor.
  • The Wrecking Ball now creates a dust trail when it touches any breakable blocks, so you can tell they're breakable if it's not going full-speed.
  • Several dungeons now have additional (optional) wrecking ball-breakable areas in sideview for shortcutty secret / convenience purposes.
  • Blaino statues now have a wider hitbox and are less finnicky about hitting vertical targets, greatly simplifying certain puzzles.
  • Added two more hints regarding beetle usage.
  • Added an additional raft/wind sideview segment to a late game lava cave.
  • Several tweaks to the final dungeon entrance to make mechanics clearer up-front before the first severely confusing puzzle.
  • Error mode now has a small chance of spawning rising lava or crushing ceilings.
  • If a falling pushblock lands on you, it will now cause four hearts of damage to the player.
  • Some new, simplistic Bouncer objects appear in new places.
  • The raft minigame now displays the swim ring on the player for a moment when it is used.
  • Added a way to get a secret free level-up in the level-down house in Caragonne town.
  • The pre-final boss has had additional tweaks involving the floor, HP during a change in the fight, and a slight adjustment to speed.
  • Slight tweaks to the joke dialogue seen after defeating Moosh's bonus boss.
  • The final boss can be defeated via new unorthodox means. Namely...



Aesthetic changes:

  • Additional overworld music has been added, including two prominent pieces of custom 8-bit Wind Waker music. The old music all still appears, but certain areas play their own special songs now, as follows:


  • The Parachute Leaf now creates sparkles as you move.
  • Spinner tracks have been slightly redrawn to look a little less like LTTP's Somaria tracks.
  • A mountain area has been tweaked regarding which screens have the ash layer on them, and lava.
  • The triforce check screen now sparkles and plays hopeful music (the same Maze of Galious song as when you finish a dungeon) after it is opened.
  • Sprite the mouse cursor Fairy can now make the credit fireworks explode sooner if she touches them.
  • The springboards now animate.

Bug fixes:

  • Whistle warps in a certain mountain now return you to the beginning of that dmap, instead of defaulting to the first town. Previously, this had created an issue where the rising lava or falling ceilings could carry over to inappropriate maps.
  • Fixed a battle scene warp on a certain screen which, while previous functional, had warped you to a town dmap instead of the battle dmap, with the wrong music, cset, and continue point.
  • Fixed an issue from 1.5 with the new Dragon Slayer IV/Legacy of the Wizard MSX music track used for Nakago Palace, which previously would play the wrong song if selected in the music selector.
  • Fixed a bug where, in a certain dungeon, the whistle wouldn't resume the music until you went to another screen. This was the only thing I started out meaning to fix, before spending half a week on the rest of this update.
  • Added a ladder to a room in a certain gold-colored palace where you might have (sort of) gotten stuck if you entered with the elevator too high.
  • Slight fix to the ending loading behavior that is only relevant in an obscure situation involving the hookshot/switch hook to get through walls to complete the game in an unintended order (AKA "Dimentio's Bug").
  • Fixed a bug in which a certain boss fight would proceed with cutscene behavior while still ticking up experience points, possibly bugging the game into thinking that boss wasn't defeated (I think this may be what happened to Eppy once?)
  • Fixed buggy interactions between the flute and the tablets that display song notes.
  • Fixed a case in a specific dungeon in which finishing playing the flute did not resume the music on that screen.
  • When you press Start while using the flute, the music will now resume properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the flute warped you to the East Calatia dmap at West Calatia destinations.
  • 1.61: The changes to the compass room in Yokoi palace in 1.6 made the compass unobtainable, which has now been fixed.
  • 1.61: A broken CSet issue in the level-down house in Caragonne has been fixed.


I should probably consider sleeping this week, but the Panoply of Calatia sleeps again... forever! Until 40,000 new bugs are discovered in five minutes

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