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Front Page Quests - Results

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#1 Aevin


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Posted 12 August 2018 - 03:38 PM

Well, it certainly has taken me long enough, but the results for the quest voting have been added to the front page! Here's what ended up there:


1. Lost Isle by Darkflamewolf and Peteo (25)

2. Isle of Rebirth by Evan20000 (20)

2. Hero of Dreams by Shoelace (20)

4. Link and Zelda: Panoply of Calatia by Mitsukara (18)

5. Rite of the Storm by Shane and Avataro (17)

6. In the Lost Kingdom of the Banana Blood God by Moosh and Russ (13)

6. Yuurand by Russ and Aevin (13)

8. The Hero's Memory by Aevin (12)


As you can see, we had a tie for sixth place. Rather than do a tie-breaker, we decided to include all seven of the top-voted quests, and the eighth to make an even number. So, the top eight quests from the poll are now on the front page.


Now, anyone who looks closely might realize that including eight happens to benefit the guy running the contest. Rest assured, this was a decision that was discussed with the rest of the staff to avoid bias, and was in no way influenced by my own quests being in the running. Overall, I feel this is a pretty representative group of quests in a variety of different styles.


Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for quests!

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#2 TheLegend_njf



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Posted 12 August 2018 - 08:28 PM

Where is 7?


7 went to jail.


Why did 7 go to jail?


Because 7 8 9!!!

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