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Three Crests


progress update 16/02/24

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#1 Taco Chopper

Taco Chopper

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Posted 15 February 2024 - 11:03 PM

Oh look it's the first progress update for Three Crests in 2024! Just how far away is this quest from being done?

Progress has been slow over the last few months due to IRL factors, as well as spending the last month with Rambly developing The Enigma of Basilischi Island, but there's still work to show off! For instance, I've been learning how to script in Ghost!

Posted Image

I just want to make Mitch and Moosh proud.

I ended up reworking Fort Winterstead, an early-ish mini dungeon as well - these are the old and new entrance rooms side by side:

Posted Image Posted Image

also another room for good measure:

Posted Image

Finally, some more screenshots of other areas I've been working on - a mix of Level 3, and the penultimate mini-dungeon. There's only one more to finish making after this, and then it's just all of the main dungeons!

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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#2 Twilight Knight

Twilight Knight

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Posted 16 February 2024 - 08:22 AM

Looks great, mr Taco! Keep up the good work :-)

That floormaster is truly sick also

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#3 Sheik



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Posted 17 February 2024 - 10:06 AM

That floormaster is truly sick also

Yes, it must be terrible to have severed, sentient, will-of-their-own hands like that indeed. Floormasters should go see the doctor about that.

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#4 jwex001



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Posted 18 February 2024 - 05:23 PM

Love the updates, and the changes.  As well as the floormaster scripting.  I have always had a dual love/hate relationship with them.  They love to catch me while I hate it, and I love to kill them while they hate it.  They way I look at them, it is a give an take relationship.  The give me a headache when I am in a rush, and take their drops and their life!

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