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Metroid 3 Tileset and Script Pack


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#1 ywkls



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Posted 08 January 2017 - 03:13 PM

So, in case anybody doesn't know already... I've been working almost exclusively on Metroid things for the past year or so.
During that time, I've been mostly relying upon the following tileset- Metroid Prime Tiles
As good as that is, there are a lot of things that it is lacking. There are no real sprites for most of the enemies in the game and no scripts to run a standard sideview Metroid quest. So you're stuck either doing a top-down version or putting things together on your own.
Since I started working on my games, I've been systematically importing tiles from around the Metroid series and writing scripts to run the engine which you can use to play the game.
My intent is to make a comprehensive tileset that will include every enemy and object from the original game and scripts to run them. These will be included with the tileset so that a person could set up a Metroid-style quest with very little effort.
So far, the tileset isn't very organized (either in tiles or combos) and that's something that I intend to do before I release it. I may also add in features which haven't been seen in a Metroid game thus far.
Anyways, here's the working quest file which includes a playable demo of my current Metroid 3 (ZC Remake). Please note that this quest cannot be beaten at present, but I can go a long way to showing off the engine in general as well as the enemies and tiles.
Metroid 3 Tileset
All relevant scripts are included in the buffer, save ghost.zh and tango.zh.


Currently most wanted tiles are as follows:


Zero Suit Samus Sprites

Varia Suit Samus Sprites

Gravity Suit Samus Sprites


If anybody would like to contribute, either to the sprites or improving the scripts; please let me know!


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#2 ywkls



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Posted 13 January 2017 - 04:57 PM

Added the following tiles to this set-


Improved sprites for Samus' ship.






Enhanced Botwoon tiles




Zebes Exploding




Ship Approaching Ceres Station (and Asteroids)






Script additions-


Did Movie for lowering lava.
Did Movie for sinking Tourian Statues.
Did Movies for approaching Space Colony.
Made it where you are pushed up a bit out of vertical doors to facilitate easy exits.
Currently in development-
Movies of Space Colony explosion, Zebes explosion.
Movie for dropping down pipe.
Movie for walking Chozo.

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Posted Yesterday, 11:09 AM

Added the following tiles to the set-
Nightmare- facing left (script support to follow)
Updated Ceres Station Hallway Tiles





Added scripts-


Fix for collision bug.

Made Mother Brain (First form) vulnerable to beams.

Made Botwoon use combos instead of tiles, increased size of head and changed to new graphics.

Added Kago (Brain Hive) enemy.

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