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What did you accomplish today in ZC?

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#3976 Anthus


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Posted 19 March 2017 - 11:04 PM

Dunno if this counts really, but I converted a bunch of old tileset entries that are saved as unusable graphic packs to usable quest files in 1.92 b183. I sent them to Moosh, so hopefully we can keep these older entries available. The quest files saved in the older version will open in newer versions of ZC, however, older graphics pack files cannot be opened in newer versions. If anyone has the means to run 1.90, or if you're a creator of an old tileset, I implore you to save it as a quest file to keep it up to date lest it be forgotten with the passing of ZC versions. :) 

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#3977 Eddy


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Posted Yesterday, 09:27 AM

Did some insane amount of ZC work today. Got a lot of Level 7 done for AR3 and I should be aiming to finish this by the end of next week!

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#3978 judasrising


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Posted Today, 03:29 AM

I have a wide variety of scripts, some of which you've already requested. Others are in the database. I also have plans to work on some things that I haven't made yet.


If you'd like a comprehensive list of the enemy script (which haven't been released) I can provide one.

Yes you can pm me a list ,i might find more cool enemies in that list.

#3979 Lüt



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Posted Today, 05:27 AM

24-hour quest.


Which I suppose makes this what I accomplished in the last two days in ZC.

#3980 ywkls



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Posted Today, 07:25 AM

Yes you can pm me a list ,i might find more cool enemies in that list.

Actually, looking at my list of enemy scripts; I realized that most of the ones I haven't released aren't based on LTTP.


In fact, Arrghus and Mothula are the only ones not in the database. I believe I already sent you my Arrghus and Mothula was in the recent EOTM. Everything else is from another game, or is an original enemy.


Perhaps you'd prefer to look at a list of those, since it's considerably longer? Some are inspired by the foes in the 3d Zelda games.


I do have plans for a custom Trinexx in the future, though it won't entirely resemble the original. But that's still a ways from being created.

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