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Instrumentality Tileset

Creator: Moosh Updated: 07 Jul 2017 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 346
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.56/5 (17 ratings)
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About Reviews

This is the tileset that was used for Jamian's Promised Lands that I was going to release a while back but never got around to. My original goal with the tileset was to combine Classic's basic palette structure and easy-to-use setup with tiles from EZGBZ, Pure, and DoR to create something new and hopefully not too unpleasant to look at. I'll leave it to you do decide if I succeeded. If people really like it I may make an update or two.

"Why's it called Instrumentality?" you ask...

Do I look like the kind of man who gives answers?

Update 7/7/17: Added some fixes made by Jamian
Most of the tiles in the set come from the EZGBZ, Pure, and DoR sets so huge thanks to everyone who worked on those sets.

I'd also like to thank:
  • Jamian (Without whom this tileset probably wouldn't have even been a thing)
  • Koh (Who made those amazing Link tiles)
  • SpacemanDan (Who made the SEELE monument)
  • The Grab button in ZQuest (Who contributed more than anyone else, especially me)
  • The Replace Color Tool (Who did everything the grab button didn't)
  • Pen Pen (Congratulations!)
If I forgot someone feel free to let me know. This thing's been hanging in limbo for a while so there's a good chance I have.