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Firebird Tileset

Creator: Supindahood Updated: 03 Feb 2015 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1240
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (19 ratings)
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About Reviews

“Firebird” is the name given to a custom tileset project by myself (Supindahood), Linkus and Shiek.
The basic idea was to create a tileset as easy to use as the GB Zelda tilesets and as visually appealing as the tMC aesthetics.
After many months of hard work we present you the first official Firebird release!

Overview of the tileset and its features

* Simple tile usage and clean visuals

* User friendly, not layer heavy

* Large collection of tiles and well organized sheets

* Almost 100% custom sprites

* More than 30 palettes for both interior and overworld

* Sprites for all items plus custom items

* Even more goodies you'll find inside!

What to expect from future updates!

* NPCs ("Guys")

* All enemies & Z1 bosses

* More dungeon content

* Even more tiles!
Supindahood (Heaps of tiles. Piecing together everything)
Linkus (Bunch of important tiles)
Relic (Graphics for enemies, items and effects!)
Sheik (original Mirror of the Moon tiles, support and suggestions)
Migokalle (suggestions and motivation, minor tiles)

Special thanks: Jared and the community for giving us the energy to release this!