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The Revenge 2 Tileset - 2.50 Edition

Creator: Einsiety Updated: 01 Feb 2016 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 477
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (5 ratings)
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Current Version: 3.1 (All changes made by FireSeraphim.)


Note: Because of some combo rearranging, the example screens have been deleted from the .qst file.

Critique Thread: https://www.purezc.ne...showtopic=60817
Goriya for starting up the project and getting basic progress into this.
FireSeraphim(AKA THE SECOND IN COMMAND.) for painstakingly setting up a lot of this stuff, particularly some tile edits, at well as new tiles...oh, and new palettes...he did more work.

Tileset Rips:
EZGBZ 2.50, by Lightwulf
Pure 2.50, by Nick
Pure Tileset Update Extreme, by Mr.Z
New BS Tileset v3.1, by Radien

Video Game Rips(According to FireSeraphim.):
Neutopia 1 & 2 (Tubrographix-16)
BS Zelda (SNES)
GB Zeldas
Lufia 1 (One of the trees)

Custom Sprites:
Those left and right Gibdo Sprites by Mr.Z...I believe that's it.

Special Thanks:
PrinceMSC for making the Original Revenge 2 tileset.
Nintendo, since they're Nintendo.
And anyone else I forgot...if I forgot you, PLEASE tell me(And by me, I mean Goriya.)