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Creator: Akkabus Added: 24 Dec 2007 ZC Version: 1.92 B182 Downloads: 179
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.7/5 (26 ratings)
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Create your own Gameboy Zelda quest! Based off Glenn The Great's cgbz tileset.


- an easy-to-use color system
- comprehensive Gameboy graphics and colors
- lots of extras, like miniboss tiles and PTUX colors for all your quest needs
- designed to be flexible, light, and efficient
- make cool quests like Joe123's The Fort Knights and Phoenix's The Dark Wizard
Akkabus, compiler
Glenn The Great, cgbz tiles, palettes
Mr. Z, tileset framework, PTUX tiles, palettes
Will Bill, Pure tiles
Radien, tileset framework, DoR tiles
Warlock, newfirst tiles
Taco Chopper, sprites and tiles
Taco Chopper, ideas from cgbz_update
http://www.spriters-resource.com/, sprites
http://tsgk.captainn.net/, sprites
Trimaster001, title
Xavier, title
Ebola Zaire, gasha tree sprite, advice and help
Bonegolem, ideas from Quest For Hyrule 3
Bonegolem, loose tiles
DarkFlameWolf, ideas from Ganon's Claim
DarkFlameWolf, loose tiles
http://www.vgmaps.com/, colors and sprites
dlbrooks34, tiles
Phoenix, ideas from The Dark Wizard
Phoenix, door tiles
Phoenix, special thanks
Phantom Menace, classic LOZ tiles
Joe123, ideas and palettes from The Fort Knights
Joe123, advice and help, Link/loose tile rips
Joe123, custom tiles
Joe123, Link's Awakening corrected palettes
Joe123, special thanks
Zemious, custom tiles
Matthew, ideas from Realm Of Mirrors
Hergiswi, loose tiles
Spiro, Link slash tiles
Rocksfan13, newfirst ice tile rip