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Final Fantasy Adventure Tileset Colour

Creator: Joe123 Added: 13 Apr 2007 ZC Version: 2.10 Downloads: 517
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.67/5 (17 ratings)
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A few people seemed interested in this, so I have completely recoloured my FFA tileset . I hope it gets some usage, I've put lots of time into it ¬_¬
I've also made a few minor edits on graphics and such, to make layering easier and to include quite a few more combos - which are now quite a lot more extensive.
Secondary item sprites are also included for people who don't like my named icons (this was included in the last one, just though I'd point it out cause someone said they didn't like the name tags)
I've added quite an extensive list of the game's music, although these are just ripped straight from a midi pack from a website, so I don't know whether everything is there or not
And I've made a 'Beastiary' .txt file which is included in the zip, which shows how the Zelda monsters correlate to the Seiken Densetsu monster (ie. 'Red Tektite' = 'Rabite') which would have been useful in the older version aswell, but I forgot to do it back then.

And probably some other stuff that I can't remember

Well, I made a mini quest for it, although I didn't add it to the zip cause its just stupid really, it's in my signature if anyone's interested.
Square, obviously
VGMaps - who I should have credited last time but forgot, where I ripped almost all of the tiles I used from
VGMusic and The Midi Shrine, where I got the music from
Sharon Daniel who started me off recolouring, and a couple of other people who've helped
PTU,DoR and Descendat Tiles - which I used for reference when making some palettes
and www.seikens.com, which was very useful for deciding what colours to make different monsters, and for what they were called for the Beastiary