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Super Gameboy Tileset

Creator: HeroOfFire Added: 24 Dec 2020 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 169
Rating[?]: Rating: 3.5/5 (1 rating)
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If you are familiar with other gameboy tilesets then this one should be familiar. The biggest difference is the palette structure, which is a little bit like Pure, but also with some design twists of it's own. CSets are set up in such a way that tiles are compatible with any palette, so feel free to place combos in any CSet or make screens that can work with both an overworld or an interior palette.

That said, this is a more advanced tileset. You may want to make use of some tiles on layers to make transitions between combos of different colors look better. There are several sample screens that showcase this.

The tileset contains multiple overworld, cave, and dungeon palettes. And of course, nothing says you can't make your own, or adjust existing palettes for your preference.

It also contains some experimental layered water palettes, for those who would like to try to use them.

By default, the quest options are set up for a more typical gameboy quest, where you can select any weapon on A. If you want Sword to always be on A like Z1, you will need to change that option and use the proper subscreens.

Subscreens are set up to support up to 24 hearts across three rows of 8 and 16 Magic Containers through a double-layered Magic Meter.

8 Bit tiles can take advantage of the wide variety of sprite CSet colors, give them a try.
Akkabus and Lightwolf for the Gameboy tileset this originated from.
Shane for several of his released tiles, such as those from Sanctuary Tree, which are sorted into this tileset.
Lunaria and the Vintage Dreams Community for some of the tiles used in this.
And thanks to those who gave feedback on this tileset in the 2019 Expo, which helped refine some of the issues.