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"Real Bombchu" Tiles

Creator: zcAmazing Updated: 22 Apr 2007 Downloads: 83
Rating[?]: Rating: 0.91/5 (21 ratings)
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Tags: 16-color, Enemy, Original, Sprite

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A drawing of real bombchu (from Zelda - Majora's Mask). Use these on ZC beta/alpha builds that contain the bombchu enemy. Use part of the tiles for old enemy tiles or use all of the tiles for new enemy tiles (quest rule; checked).

The first ever submission for the enemy Bombchu.
You may need to recolor them. I used a particular CSet.

You must use the ENEMY EDITOR on a beta or alpha build ZC that contains Bombchu enemy.

REPLACEMENT UPDATE: Rounded the body. Added a second shade on the edge of the body. Provided a 4-tile space on the right so that leeching into your tiles can be okay without having to move the tiles to the right spots.
Myself. Drew from scratch on a particular CSet.