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"ZC64" Logo

Creator: Radien Added: 08 Dec 2006 Downloads: 53
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Tags: 16-color, Decoration, Misc, Original

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Beta Link made a nice submission titled "Nintendo64 "N" Logo." It was an amusingly out-of-place rippable logo of the console that produced Ocarina of Time.

Limzo made the comment that he wished it was a "Z," instead. I took the comment to heart and made this.

You can rip the Z and the C on the top 3 rows if you want each letter to be centered, or you can rip the bottom 3 rows and have them close together. If you don't like the C, which I added as an afterthought, the Z stands just fine on its own.

Since Beta Link's version wasn't in any particular tileset's palette, I colored into DoR CSet 6 for the heck of it. They are easily recolored, though, as they use just four colors total.


Before you say it, this is NOT a "5-minute edit" of Beta Link's submission. I was only able to imitate his idea and the size of the logo. I pretty much had to remake them from scratch, otherwise, so no cocky comments, please.
Beta Link