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Minish Cap Link Advance

Creator: Dart Zaidyer Added: 05 Dec 2005 Downloads: 79
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.53/5 (18 ratings)
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Tags: Player, Sprite

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The most ambitious Link I've done yet for ZC, to be sure! Do you feel gypped when you notice that there hasn't been a really good GBA Link available for ZC? Well, fret no more! Taking a cue from Gashin, Sun Tower Link has been reduxed and given a newer, better look. Actual Minish Cap graphics were used as reference, and many features were redrawn by hand. The result is both accurate and well-proportioned, for a Link that looks and moves great yet isn't overly fat like other recreations!

But it doesn't stop there. Included is the version which will be appearing in the DoR tileset, with all-new ring palettes and nifty white sleeves courtesy of Radien! I hope this Link will be the definitive choice until the next version of ZC is released.

The Minish Cap version will rip right into that set, but most people will probably be using something different. In that case, I recommend the DoR version, since it will generally look better on most sets out there. Be sure to grab all the ring palettes, including CSet 6.
Gashin, who made Sun Tower Link and let me incorporate and improve upon the general design behind his Hyrule Fantasy Link.
Special thanks to Radien, who set up the DoR version and organized the images for this submission! Look for it in the DoR tileset as well.

Credit is appreciated if you use this loose tile as a base for others.