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Heroine (GBC spritesheet)

Creator: Ether Updated: 14 Jan 2023 Downloads: 35
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Tags: Character, Game_Boy, Original, Player

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The glass ceiling has been shattered into eight pieces and locked away in horrible monster-ridden temples of death scattered across the land. Finally.

Feel free to edit this sheet as needed or bug me for more frames. Please don't use it outside of ZC without permission.
January 14, 2023 again (but late night instead of early morning): I forgot the 32x32 versions. Added those, and threw in an extra 6 expressions. Tweaked a few others slightly, especially the angry ones.
January 14, 2023: portraits! I also tweaked one of the map icons. But mostly portraits!
June 19, 2022: sup nerds, please enjoy the diagonals nobody asked for and nobody programmed the engine to accommodate! Also edited the front slash and walking-down-with-a-charged-weapon, and added a couple other frames: taking out and drinking a potion, playing the ocarina, playing a particularly sick riff on the ocarina, some kind of prayer/casting frame, and climbing.
June 1, 2022: threw in the map icons that I already posted in the Sprite Requests thread a year ago. Also added walking-with-a-charged-weapon sprites.
April 18, 2021: added back- and side-facing sitting frames. (They're slightly different from what I posted in thread.)
Made in my sprite requests thread for a request by Demonlink.
Thank you to Dimi for streaming her in action and making sure things worked!
The bed sprites used Link's Awakening's bed sprites as a base for the bed.
Survival Kids was a helpful reference for the diagonals.