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Hybrid BS/Oracles Gohma (Pure, DoR, DoR:H)

Creator: P-Tux7 Added: 28 Oct 2019 Downloads: 4
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Tags: 16-color, Character, Cutscene, Dance_of_Remembrance, Edited, Enemy, Pure_Tileset, Sprite

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I thought there should be a more unique Gohma than the Oracles one, especially for Dance of Remembrance. I copied the carapace from BS and the eye/legs from Oracles. Not only does this work for the usual ZC Gohma, but I have included the standing/claw sprites from Oracle of Seasons. The sprites should be imported in CSet 7, but should look good in any enemy CSet as modified by the Enemy Editor.
Nintendo/Capcom (original sprites)
Evan (for making me dig this out again and complete it)