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Classic Link Casting (Four-Directional)

Creator: P-Tux7 Added: 22 Aug 2019 Downloads: 2
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Tags: 16-color, Character, Classic_Tileset, Cutscene, Edited, Player, Sideview, Sprite

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I noticed that, unlike Wizzrobes, Ganon, etc. Link cannot cast magic using his hands, he needs a candle or a magic wand. Also, the "Cast" tile for Din's Fire and Nayru's Love isn't really shooting magic, it's just Link focusing really hard on casting the spell with his fists clenched.
Well even though I'm pretty sure you can't make new casting tiles for the candle and wand (yet?), at least scripts can now give Link magic attacks that he can shoot with his hands instead of relying on a weapon.
Four versions, each with different eyes/mouth