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LttP Ropa + 16x16 (+Pure, Newfirst, and DoR)


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I re-ripped the Ropa sprites from Link to the Past without shadows, and it also includes not only a 16x16 version, but recolors/edits for most of the popular tilesets. I created these sprites to act as a splitting/tribble Ropa, but you can use these for anything such as a Tektite. In all of the tilesets except for LTTP (because there's no good LTTP tileset yet), they are for CSet 9.

Instructions for making Splitting/Tribble Ropa:
You'll need ZoriaRPG's Any NPC Split/Tribble Script, Mero's LttP Ropa, and though you can use a Tektite with homing factor I would recommend using Saffith's LttP Popo for the little ones
Follow ZoriaRPG's instructions to make the Ropa split on death or split on hit, and set the enemy that it splits into to be the ID of the small ropa enemy, which can either be a tektite or a popo. You can also use his tribble instructions to make the small ones tribble back up into big ones.
Puzzledude (LttP No Shadows Hack)