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Koten Transparent Slimes

Creator: P-Tux7 Updated: 06 Dec 2018 Downloads: 5
Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (1 rating)
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Tags: 16-color, Edited, Enemy, Sprite, Koten

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These are the Gel, Zol, and Cygel enemies from Koten, but made with a transparent effect so that you can see items that they are holding (as ringleader).
UPDATE: Now I have included a custom core graphic tile for Saffith's Twin Amoeba script. These graphics were already perfect for that custom enemy because the Twin Amoeba is also a transparent slime, so now I made a core/eye graphic so you can use these slimes with that script.
Me (If you want to)
Saffith (if you use the Twin Amoeba script)