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Reworked Grass Tiles for Classic

Creator: Cukeman Updated: 31 Jan 2018 Downloads: 20
Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (1 rating)
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Tags: 16-color, Background, Classic_Tileset, Edited, Greenery, Ground, Overworld

About Reviews

-Ground tiles
-Thin Grass tiles (Light green grass blades)
-Medium Grass tiles (Ground-colored grass blades on a light green background)
-Thick Grass tiles (Light green grass blades on a darker green background)
-Tall Grass tiles (Ground-colored grass blades with a transparent background)
-MISC: Tall Grass sprites

I edited the existing grass tiles for Classic to make them look more grass-like, and nicer in general. The tiles no longer have such straight, square edges. Visually the ground, and grasses flow more smoothly from one to the next thanks to the rearranged grass blades and new borders.

To make Tall Grass, place Thick Grass tiles on a background layer under Tall Grass tiles.
Default tiles edited by Cukeman