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ALTTP S. Freesia C. & T. of Babel Tiles (CTTP/TC)

Creator: FireSeraphim Added: 02 Sep 2016 Downloads: 14
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.33/5 (2 ratings)
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Tags: ALTTP_Tileset, Collection, Decoration, Dungeon, Edited, Greenery, Ground, Interior, Overworld, Ripped, Walls, Structure

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Let us see what new in this lovely submission:
  • And on spritesheet number one we have
    • A lovely pine tree, with grass and dirt root tiles
    • A pair of potted bushes, in both grass and dirt variants
    • Some nifty limestone structures, with up and down stairwells that can used in em
    • Some limestone solid blocks in a variety of cuts
    • The Tower of Babel itself, with grass and dirt tiles for it and opened and closed entrance tiles, with grass and dirt variants accounted for
  • And on spritesheet number two (which uses ALTTP's Ice Palace pallete) we have
    • Custom Freesia Castle dungeon walls
    • Custom Freesia Castle doors (My sister helped me with this one by making the shutter door, from which all the other doors are derived from)
    • Icey cold solid blocks in a variety of cuts
    • Small and large teleporter pads in both active (blue) and inactive (grey) variants
    • Some regular floor shingles in a variety of cuts, with four different height levels
    • A bunch of ice floor shingles in a variety of cuts, with four different height levels
  • And on spritesheet number three (which uses ALTTP's Palace of Darkness pallete) we have
    • Semi-custom Tower of Babel dungeon walls
    • Semi-custom Tower of Babel doors (I franken-sprited these myself)
    • Semi-custom Tower of Babel stairwells
    • Two colours of custom floor shingles (yellow and green), with four different height levels
    • Stone solid blocks in a variety of cuts
    • A slashable stone block (that can be slashed three times 'fore it's broken)
    • A slashable, regenerating spike obstacle (it the thing that has a seven frame regen animation)
    • An alternate solid block
    • Four different colours of buttons (buttons, buttons, who got the buttons?)
    • Pushable blocks in four different varieties and including an undercombo for em of em
That's all for this one. Until next time!
Atlus and Sega for making Crusader of Centy
Nintendo for making the Legend of Zelda series, especially for making A Link to the Past.
The members of this fine community for supporting me.
My sister for making the shutter door for the Freesia Castle dungeon tilesheet
Myself for all the work done here so far.
And PureZC for hosting all my spritework and franken-edits.
(surprising addition to the credits, eh?)