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ALTTP S. Anemone Beach Tiles (COTP/TC)

Creator: FireSeraphim Added: 27 Aug 2016 Downloads: 15
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.33/5 (2 ratings)
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Tags: ALTTP_Tileset, Collection, Edited, Ripped, Ground, Greenery, Mountains, Overworld

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Let us not waste any time and get down to the brass tacks, eh?
  • On sheet number one we have:
    • Some rather simplistic sand tiles.
    • A huge and a small slashable sand dune.
    • Spikes in six different colours for both grass and sand tiles.
    • Rough and gritty coastal grass.
    • A nifty palm tree with a shadow for both the grass and sand tiles.
    • A couple of lovely coconuts for both the grass and sand tiles.
    • And some bottomless pit tiles
  • On sheet number two we have:
    • Another type of grassy mountain tiles in both grass and sand flavours, you might want to look at this map to figure out how to use em.
    • some simple cobblestone stairs for the aforementioned mountains.
Atlus and Sega for making Crusader of Centy
Nintendo for making the Legend of Zelda series, especially for making A Link to the Past.
The members of this fine community for supporting me.
Myself for all the work done here so far.
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