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ALTTP S. Rafflesia Training Ground Tiles (COTP/TC)

Creator: FireSeraphim Added: 26 Aug 2016 Downloads: 12
Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (2 ratings)
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Tags: ALTTP_Tileset, Collection, Decoration, Ground, Greenery, Mountains, Overworld, Structure, Edited, Ripped

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And now let us see what contained within this submission, starting with the first sheet.
  • A nifty flagstone path (there's a difference between cobblestone paths and flagstone paths, cobblestone paths are made with small stones while flagstone paths are made with huge stones)
  • A different take on the dirt paths from A Link to the Past that's meant to be used with this submission
  • An improvement on the wooden fence with connectors from Part One, now including longbars of woods to space out the connectors and a dirt variant of the Wooden Fence
  • A grass and dirt variant of the unique Bushes, it even includes bush slashed tiles right next to it
  • Light and dark Pottery with both grass and dirt variants
  • Dark and light Signposts with both grass and dirt variants
  • A simple brown Treasure Chest
  • Grass Conveyor Belts, 'nuff said.
  • Bottomless Pits in both grass and dirt flavours
  • Small and large slash-able Dirt Mounds, including exposed dirt mounds with and without spikes. you can use these to make a nifty "digging" maze
  • Another Unique Tree, with tiles for both grass and dirt variants and tiles for a chopped variant in both grass and dirt.
  • A button, what does this do?
  • A bunch of Blue Pushblocks in different shapes and forms, An angry Red Block and an unadorned Green block, with a Red and Blue Undercombo tiles for em.
  • A Wooden Overhang Sign similar in nature to the one that can be found in Kakariko Village in ALTTP.
  • And finally some interesting and ancient looking stone statues/blocks.
Oh and before I move on, I think I should cover the next sheet
  • The Grassy Mountains in Rafflesia Training Grounds, including grass and dirt variants. These mountains might take some getting used to since they don't quite work like the mountains from A Link to the Past, The grass one is mostly intact (including some excess duplicate tiles) for the convenience of those trying to figure how how it works initially, I 'specially recommend going here to figure out how to fully use them.
  • An alternate set of Rocky Tops for the Mountains
  • Unique Vine decor for the Mountains
  • A set of Limestone Stairs and some Wooden Stairs as well.
Atlus and Sega for making Crusader of Centy
Nintendo for making the Legend of Zelda series, especially for making A Link to the Past.
The members of this fine community for supporting me.
Myself for all the work done here so far.
And PureZC for hosting all my spritework and Franken-edits.